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    Link Aggregation Between 3 Devices

    Alright well that's good to know at least, I'll be in contact with them tomorrow probably to figure that out. But as far as actual setup/wiring, do you have any suggestions? Because I could do the LAG from modem to router, but the router as far as I can tell only has the one pair of LAG ports so I wouldn't be able to use the LAG from the router to the switch and from the switch to the rest of my peripherals (server and such that support LAG)
  2. MotoCP

    Link Aggregation Between 3 Devices

    I think it is a standard Cable modem but it supports multi-gig connection. Here is the link to the product site>> https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/cable-modems-routers/CM1150V.aspx
  3. Alright first time on here but I've been searching for about an hour and a half and haven't found something related to what I am trying to do so if anyone would like to help that would be fantastic. (and I apologize if this isn't in the right section or something, I tried to find the best place for it) Ok, so I have as follows: - Netgear CM1150V Multi-gig Modem - Netgear Nighthawk R8000P (X6s) Router - Dell Powerconnect 2724 Managed Network Switch All 3 have the ability to use Link Aggregation, The modem has 4 gigabit ports to pull from (I believe only ports 1 & 2 can link aggregate though), the switch can Link Aggregate from any of the 24 ports (I believe), but the router only has the one pair (port 1 & 2) configured to use link aggregation. Basically I want to know if it is possible to get everything wired up together using link aggregation. I also have a server running that I'll be using link aggregation with using the switch but that part is the easier part haha. Now I am still a little new to the more advanced networking stuff, i know a little bit but not a lot so if I am missing something painfully obvious then I apologize but if someone could help me out that would be fantastic. Just trying to get everything hooked up correctly to get the best possible speeds between all devices in home and out (even though I do realize anything out of home is all based on my isp and I am fine with that, just want to optimize speeds in home mainly) I don't post to these things very often so if I missed something that would help you guys out then let me know and I'll get you that info as soon as I can. Thanks!