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  1. Good news. I have successfully booted into Windows, but not with the flashback, as it wasn't really doing anything. I did it by taking out my m.2, which I was suspecting to be casuing all the problems, and plugged in my EVO 860 and install Windows on there, which worked! With a form of Windows now functional, I can plug my m.2 back in, wipe it, and install Windows on there again. I am optimistic this will work. So my conclusion so far is that the m.2 was causing this shitshow.
  2. I am not quite sure on the cause, although I was told there was a sudden power outage while my pc was running, which may have corrupted some files? Anyway all parts are lighting up and working which makes me question how a power outage wouldn't have done any more significant damage. On the flashback, I was looking up tutorials as you sent this and I will notify you later if it worked.
  3. Ok, as I stated, all of my components are visible and appear to be functional, including my m.2. I CAN get in the bios, as a matter of fact thats all I can do, but when I "Save and exit" from bios, my pc restarts and I am back in the bios. I can't get into Windows. The "Windows loop" happens when I try installing windows, but never actually completes the installation. instead it repeats it.
  4. I have a custom built PC that has been booting normally for a long time after its completion, but suddenly after I turn it on, I am prompted to the bios, as it refuses to boot into windows. Just to be clear, all of my components are displaying as they should, including my m.2 where windows is installed on. I attempted the usual enable/disable secure boot and csm thingamajig with no success. I then cleared the cmos by taking the battery out and using a screw driver to connect both jumper pins, no success. I then resorted to installing a new copy of Windows on the same drive as the other, possibly corrupted, Windows, which didn't work, as whenever the installation process was finished and the "Your PC will restart in 10, 9..." message appears, it restarts, and I'm back at the "Choose your language" purple background part. In other words, an endless installation loop. Specs: TUF Z370-Plus i5 8600k 16gb ddr4 Viper ra RX 580 (Although I removed it for battery access) If you have any more questions about specs, I will answer. Thank you,
  5. I recently had a sudden problem where whenever I turn my PC on, instead of booting into windows, I am prompted to the bios. I have made sure my drive (MP300) is recognzed, which it is, and tried enabling/disabling secure boot, and some other bios settings, including resetting cmos settings, none of which helped. I resorted to installing a new copy of windows onto my drive by using the Windows media creation tool with a flash drive, which initially seemed to work, as my pc booted into the setup, but after the "Your computer will restart in 10, 9...." message it just restarts the whole process over and I am starring at that purple background where I choose my langauge. Funny thing is, I tried installing windows on my other ssd on unallocated space (Yes I lost everything), and the same problem of remaining in the bios is still persistent. Here are my specs: Asus TUF z370-Plus i5 8600k 16gb Viper ram Mp300 m.2 EVO 860 FYI everthing is appearing as it should so this has to be a mobo problem.