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  1. Dont mind Heres links but prices are in PLN https://allegro.pl/oferta/dell-inspiron-5379-i7-8550u-16gb-512ssd-fhd-touch-8309025321 https://allegro.pl/oferta/hp-spectre-13-x360-i7-8550-8gb-512ssd-fhd-touch-10-8169553226 https://allegro.pl/oferta/lenovo-yoga-s730-13-i7-8565u-8gb-512ssd-fhd-w10-8226467901
  2. Im from poland, would be nice not to be heavy i will use it mostly on my lap or in my hands, 8h of battery but i can surrvive the charger, At first i was thinking on Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 that have Y series processor long battery life and is fanless but if i decid to add egpu especially that i have msi gtx 970 4gb laying around than better cpu will be nice (i have gaming rig so i dont think i will ever need to use egpu)
  3. I want to buy a small laptop mostly for movies and maybe some clasic games (old) At first i was thinking about Dell xps but they are more expensive, Dell 2 in 1 have 2 core cpu so its slower Longer battery life would be nice but not a priority This is what i found so far if someone can help me to choose I am open for suggestions of different laptops but i want them small (size) Let me know if prices are to high on them (they all are new) Lenovo Yoga S730 -13 i7-8565U 8GB 512SSD FHD - 885 usd HP SPECTRE 13 X360 i7-8550U 8GB 512SSD FHD - 920 usd (i can upgrade to 1 TB ssd for extra +80 usd) DELL INSPIRON 13 5379 i7-8550U 16GB 512SSD FHD - 845 usd Thank You
  4. I found 2 dells and im not sure which one to buy (800 usd vs 1110 usd) Is the price difference worth having almost 2x better cpu? Do i need that better cpu? I allready have gaming rig so what im looking for is machine for movies internet and maybe playing some clasics like diablo 2 fallouts 1-2 Both have thunderbolt so i can add egpu especially that i have msi gtx 970 4gb laying around but i dont think i would ever really need to do that but if i decided to do then 8550U processor would be better So should i save up money and just buy 2 in 1 ? Will it be enough for what i need or im gonna regret getting that slow cpu Dell XPS 13 9365 I7-7Y75 512 SSD 16GB FHD IPS 2in1 - 800 usd (used) Dell XPS 13 9370 i7-8550U 16GB 512GB FHD - 1110 usd (used) - 1265 usd (new) Thanks Regards