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  1. Ended up managing to barely get into the WebUI enough to perform a manual firmware update (automatic complained it couldnt connect to asus servers) which perfectly fixed the issue. Maybe buggy firmware version or something?
  2. Hello, I am trying to host a server on my network for a friend however when I tried to enter the WebUI it was a mess of broken HTML and had to restart it, and since then I get either "The server at is taking too long to respond" or " Refused to connect" and can no longer access the WebUI. What I have tried to fix it: - Rebooting router - Using wired/wireless connections - Using different browsers (tried IE, chrome and firefox) - Using different computers - Tried pinging the router through CMD (pings fine) I can access the internet and other devices through it just fine but can not access the WebUI. I would like to avoid a factory reset at all costs since I have a lot of custom settings set up and I dont remember all of them from memory but I do a lot of home hosting that requires them. I had this happen once before but I remember it sorting itself (although the WebUI page was still not being rendered correctly) Any help/input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello there! I recently replaced an old aging dell vostro with a much faster optiplex 790 and it's been fine for the most part. However I have a controller I use for certain games (acts like a keyboard and mouse for inputs). It works fine however I notice sometimes if I touch a metal part on the controller, I touch anywhere near any USB ports when plugging in a device, or sometimes just completely at random, the controller will cut out for a split second. While this wouldn't normally be an issue the game I use with it relies on binding to the device via rawinput (and no theres no option to change this) which means as soon as it disconnects (even for the tiny amount of time it does) I have to reboot the entire game and my controls freeze. This never happened with the old vostro and I would hate to have to scrap this pc since it's a fairly decent spec and technically still works (quad core i5 and GT 1030). Things I've tried (In no specific order): - Powered USB hub - Re seating cables in the controller - Unplugging everything but the controller - Different USB cable - Checked and turned off any power saving features in BIOS - Turning off the "allow windows to turn off this device to save power" on all USB devices While some of these would fix it temporarily it would only end in the problem just returning again a day later. I've researched tonnes on this and honestly am stumped on how to fix it or if it's even possible to fix without scrapping the entire PC. The issue is extremely intermittent and sometimes the controller will work fine for hours which makes it hard to troubleshoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. To build it yourself it would cost £982.47 so would save you £150. But considering it has a 6 year warranty and you don't want to build it yourself it looks pretty decent for the money.
  5. Usually I would recommend the windows 7 era thinkpads (t420 or t430) as they're usually built quite well and are very upgradeable compared to any modern laptop but as you're looking for new it might not be a valid option. You can easily get brand new original batteries and chargers though (I bought a brand new extended life for mine that's an original lenovo one and it easily can last 6 hours on medium brightness with light use (plus its removable so you could just carry multiple). Only downside is compared to modern laptops it can be a bit on the bulky side. If you do have to go for new though then make sure you get one with an SSD (As you're doing web browsing I don't suppose you're going to download much). In terms of linux driver support probably best to go to their website and find the support section and select your laptop, it should tell you if there's linux drivers there (If there isn't sometimes because the hardware is from other manufactures the manufactures website might have them) Hope this helps
  6. Hello, I am having an issue where my GPU seems to randomly stop working while im doing stuff on my pc. Before my screens go to no signal sometimes I get an error (Like OBS crashes or I get a .net performance counter error). Then about a minute later for some reason both screens go blank for a few seconds then go to no signal (Sometimes followed by a windows error sound). I have to restart my PC to get it to work again which means I lose all my work. It seems to be becoming more frequent and its becoming a massive pain (Lost 20 minutes of work just now because of it). Would be grateful if someone could help. Thanks.