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  1. EDIT: Do not do it with this mobo because you can brick it. This mobo is not good for custom BIOS. What i did to make it work is i just flash GPU BIOS to disable UEFI on GPU , and boom it works. Im lazy to type how but you can google it on TECH POWER GPU site. They are POWER indeed!
  2. Problem solved. I flash GPU to legacy BIOS, i disabled UEFI on GPU with some tools from TECH POWER GPU. It works so fuck yeah!!!
  3. Most of OEM PCs doesnt block but asses AKA people from MEDION were "smart" enough to lock mobo/block newer specific GPUs .
  4. Kinda bit old thread but i do have same problem ON NEW thread and i know what it is. Mobo is problem. Problem is mobo is OEM and its locked to specific manufacturers and it wont work, VENDOR Whitelisting,blacklisting. Some OEM PCs doesnt block but asses AKA people from MEDION were "smart" enough to lock/block newer specific GPUs . You can try to mod BIOS and try that. Its on this site and google bit more about how to mod BIOS for MS-7728 to get newer cards runing. https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-REQUEST-Bios-Mod-for-MS-7728-2-0-OEM-Medion-PC And im gonna do it and see then if my Powercolor r9 270 will work. To add this is MSI MEDION MS-7728 and mine MSI R9 270 working but Powercolor R9 270 not working. So depends on brand of graphics card too. Some of them are vendor blacklist Hope this helps but i assume you already bought new mobo lol.
  5. Because its from OEM PC man... HP desktop office PC lol. But it sucks...
  6. mobo is problem. Problem is mobo is locked to specific manufacturers it wont work. I will try maybe some custom BIOS will see, or extract GPU UEFI with gpu z then see.
  7. I did man . Problem is that my mobo is too old actually. Its MEDION MSI MS-7728. This mobo actually support i think only MSI brand of graphics cards. Like you can see on this site i found for Powercolor R9 270x under MEDION tab when you scroll a bit down. https://www.pc-specs.com/gpu/AMD/R-200_Series/Radeon_R9_270X_PowerColor_2GB_OC_TurboDuo_Edition/2127/Compatible_Motherboards Actually there is only one model of MEDION mobo that supports Powercolor R9 270x and that is MS-7709 and mine is MS-7728 so thats why it wont work... Same goes with Gigabyte and Sapphire so its logical. One guy on other forum told me that my mobo is bad that MEDION , they discriminate manufacturer so yeah. Gonna switch my mobo soon and problem solved.
  8. Okay guys Forget all this above, i did this. 1. I came to friends house with MY PC to try HDMI since his monitor is good , still black screen. 2. I put his RX560 ASUS strix into my PC and HDMI and still black screen, even with his graphics which is new. 3. Okay i pissed off and i came to this idea. I unplugged everything from my PC and from his . Then I put my PSU in his PC (since he doesnt have 6pin on his PSU) and that Powercolor r9 270 card on his mobo , HDMI in her and guess what ,BOOM windows loaded and everything working fine. So the card is working!!! So i ran out from ideas why this card and his RX560 not working in my PC. Maybe its my old mobo? Maybe PCIe slot not working idk. To remind you My MSI R9 270 worked for 2 years until she started to show artifacts and green lines and crashed on Resident Evil 7. WHile i was on credits btw lol. :D What is problem?
  9. To clear things. On my monitor is DVI-D (Dual Link) On MSI r9 270 is DVI-I (Dual Link) and DVI-D (Dual Link) and both adapters work DVI-I to VGA and DVI-A to VGA plugged into DVI-I port on GPU On "new" Powercolor R9 270 is only DVI-I (Dual Link) and both adapters to VGA not working, so black screen
  10. Yes man. Yeah adapter is DVI-I to VGA plugged in VGA port on the back of my monitor. And that doesnt work too. To add on my MSI r9 270 even DVI-A to VGA adapter works and he is plugged into DVI-I on GPU, strange right.
  11. My monitor have 1 x VGA - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) and 1 x DVI-D - 24+1 pin digital DVI EDIT: In monitor its VGA leading to VGA which is from DVI-I male to VGA adapter And i have 3 inputs on GPU. 1 is DVI-I , HDMI and Display Port connector.
  12. I dont have straight DVI cable leading from monitor to GPU to do that. And my monitor is pretty old thats why im using adapters unfortunately.
  13. Hey guys. As someone saw my post i was switching my dead GPU to new GPU and i will be switching to same GPU and that is r9 270. I had MSI R9 270 and i bought used R9 270 Powercolor. Okay so the guy told me that he was using that card and that its working in his home . I didnt tested in his place but yeah. I saw him bring the card and he was really gentle and he packed everything cool and the card really looks in awesome condition with even crossfire protection on her (screws intact too). So i plug her in my PC and it gives no screen, black screen. He is sleeping now but i remembered that he sad to me that he was using HDMI cable only not DVI-D to VGA adapter like me, so maybe thats the case my card wont boot and it gives black screen? To add my ex card which is dying still shows screen (but with artifacts since she is dying and driver wont work) with same DVI-D to VGA adapter , but this card wont work. I dont think guy is scam because he told me call me if something is not right and i will gave you back money and similar. Even on box that he gave me with the card i can see his adress where he lives and his name and even phone number because he bought new card and box was XFX RX580 4GB. So my guess maybe DVI port dont work on card , faulty? Maybe i should try HDMI to VGA adapter what you guys think could be the problem?
  14. Thank you all for the answers. I will consider new better PSU. I guess corsair , xfx , evga, be quiet or seasonic what i find for good cheap money and thats it good too. Cheers! ?
  15. I guess not. For 270x as i see on game debate i need 34A and I have 32A on MY PSU lol.