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  1. Why are you worried exactly? All seems pretty normal to me. So long as you are under the limit, it's fine
  2. You want a 2070 with good battery life. That's the price for a unicorn
  3. Both Intel and AMD market single-core boost currently. Multi-core boost is found in the documentation provided one is persistent enough to bore themselves to death with it
  4. You can't have it all - if you drop down to a 1660 Ti (since mobile 2060 is gimped to the point where it can lose to the 1660 Ti), then you can get a good option in the from of the GA502
  5. Bad mounting, poor paste or paste application, overvoltage, fan not plugged in - a competent air cooler like the Freezer would give very low temps at 4GHz considering that's barely an overclock
  6. Mobile 2060s are severely underclocked - a 1660 Ti performs the same and costs less.
  7. So if I buy a 9900K and run it on an H310 board and it sits at base clock, I get to scream at Intel? No.this isn't the case. Boost is not guaranteed - no OEM guarantees it. It is written in multiple locations that boost depends on power, thermal and voltage headroom. The only thing you are guaranteed is base clock.
  8. You are running a system with no drivers?
  9. The AIO is absolutely pointless. You're cooling a 2600, not a 9900K
  10. More info would be nice. Did you reinstall the OS and update all drivers and firmware?
  11. Nah, the Freezer 34 is several times heavier and larger than the stealth
  12. Arctic Freezer eSports 34 - the 2600 is a super low-heat chip, no need for expensive cooling
  13. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Gigabyte-Aero-15-X9-Core-i7-8750H-RTX-2070-Max-Q-Laptop-Review.410747.0.html
  14. Keep in mind limitations - the bigger the GPU, the hotter and more power hungry it will be
  15. Well, for battery life - the Aero is probably going to be the best, followed by the X1 and GS65
  16. Has to be cheaper than a 9400F imo
  17. Your options are pretty limited. Either a Gigabyte Aero or MSI GS65
  18. Hunt Down The Freeman is the best meme
  19. That discharge rate is insanity. It should be under 10W. Is the dGPU under load for some reason?
  20. Do not buy a Blade - unless you want a broken laptop and melting power adapter. Their quality control is horrible, customer support is very poor and the failure rates are extremely high due to the overloaded power components that fail randomly and kill the machines. Batteries and power adapters frequently fail due to heat and the trackpads get destroyed by general usage https://www.notebookcheck.net/Razer-may-want-to-consider-a-recall-for-their-Blade-and-Blade-Pro-AC-adapters.426448.0.html
  21. Youe hypothesis is not exactly correct. Intel clocks are held but HT is just not as good as SMT. Couple that with intels lower instructions per clock and you have your explanation
  22. You're getting a 3-4 times more powerful CPU. You will notice it
  23. If you are editing H.264 or H.265 you can use the iGPU on intel non-F CPUs to accelerate the workflow. Not applicable to Red RAw and NEAT video, though. That's for Premier. After effects makes good use of Intel low latency but Photoshop, illustrator and other editing applications like FCPX, Sony Vegas or Davinchi Resolve are just better on Zen2. For gaming, intel only makes sense with a 2080 Ti at 1080p 240Hz In short, AMDs Zen2 is better in 90% of cases