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  1. 5x5

    Opinion on this build?

    You don't really lose anything. The SeaGate 2TB is so poor quality it makes zero sense to get it over a fast and reliable SSD
  2. 5x5


    The first one is horrible. The second one is fantastic
  3. 5x5

    Opinion on this build?

    Also, scrap the HDD and get a 1TB SATA SSD. Crucial BX for example
  4. 5x5

    Opinion on this build?

    Don't worry, the 3600 is perfect for your build. Get it and enjoy it.
  5. 5x5

    Opinion on this build?

    No? The cpu price is normal. A 2700X wouldn't make much sense since at that point he's in 3700X price territory. A better investment for 50$ would be a 1660 Ti.
  6. 5x5

    Opinion on this build?

    That's a good cpu, no need to change it. Price is also normal. Not sure what Turtle meant. The board is also fine, it has BIOS flashback so you can update the Bios yourself with ease. Just follow the instructions available. As for the PSU, the focus platform isn't ideal, a better option would be a Prime Gold or Antec HCG Gold
  7. 5x5

    Laptop CPU Hits 80 degrees on boot

    The clocks peed is buggy software. Ignore that. Also use GPU-Z for gpu monitoring.
  8. 5x5

    Laptop CPU Hits 80 degrees on boot

    This is normal for cheapo Aspire laptops. They run hot all the time cause the cooling is woefully inadequate. And people still wonder why I say don't but these. Aside from repasting and undervolting, nothing you can do.
  9. It has a beefy VRM setup for the price and can easily power a future upgrade to 12 or more cores.
  10. Actually, that part is the worst offender - they're recommending one of the worst laptops on the market (even their B-roll shows their Aspire is broken)
  11. Hah, thanks - I wonder where it could've come from
  12. That video is full of bad advice - I like LTT but their laptop videos are by far the weakest ones - that is basically a guide how NOT to buy a laptop
  13. Or, if he gets a B450 Tomahawk, he can use the BIOS flashback to update it himself
  14. Don't judge build quality by material - plastic can be much stronger than aluminium if done correctly. Anyhow, get a business-class laptop - vastly superior build quality, durability, reliability and much lower noise. A Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell Latitude or HP EliteBook - any model from those business families will be good - personally, I'd get a ThinkPad E480 or E490 as the ThinkPad keyboards are the best ones available on a laptop
  15. None - the Ryzen 5 3600 is about 190$ and is much faster than all three of those in everything.