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  1. Did you use DDU? If not, you haven't deleted any driver, you've just made a software mess. Also, is the card used? If it is, are you sure it's not dead and you didn't get defrauded?
  2. Best t ignore it or but a skin. Else you'll only make it look worse or damage it
  3. Get rid of the dead beat pentium. It's archaic
  4. Have you updated Al drivers and firmware? Have you made sure no background task is taking up resources?
  5. Just get Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Liquid metal is pointless for most use cases and only adds a massive risk if you mess up even slightly.
  6. Perfirmance-wise, they are almost the same. But the extra VRAM makes the 470 a better option.
  7. The 3600 is better for your intended use - gaming - due to the much higher single core performance AND exceptional multi-core performance. The bottleneck is indeed quite bad. i5s are dead and have been for a good while (3 years or so) - hell, even my 8th gen i7 is occasionally maxed in some games. a 4/4 CPU with a 1080 is about the same as a 1660 Ti with a 4/4 CPU - it will be horridly bottlenecked. Your CPU is only as good as a i3 8350K...
  8. If he's changing platforms intel makes no sense. He's need an expensive board, more costly cooling and all that for a 3-4% performance edge over a 3600/3700X. Ryzen 3000 is superior currently. It runs cooler, uses far less power, offers the same or better performance and doesn't suffer from the dozen or so severe intel security issues.
  9. It will bottleneck quite a bit. Look for a used 6700K or move to a 3600
  10. The 9600K is already reaching its limit in many games and tasks. The 3600X is more powerful, runs cooler, uses less power, has an upgrade path up to 16-core Zen3 CPUs this year and doesn't suffer from the dozen severe intel security issues. i5s are dead and have been dead for two years now.
  11. Look for a 1060 or 570/580/470/480. That should be within budget and smoke even the 970
  12. In some games it's the same, in others is up to two times slower. Iris GPYs have very shoddy driver work. They have potential but lack the decades of driver refinement than AMD and Nvidia have implemented
  13. A 120mm AIO on a 9900K is very optimistic. I'd say get a Dark Rock Pro4 or NH-D15
  14. Results are normal. If the SMART chart in magician is good, enjoy it
  15. No, there is no base for comparison. The 290X was got but AFM coolers alleviated it. The 480 was literally locked down to blower only designs and had a nasty tendencies of melting itself due to running above 100*C