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  1. Well it seems you both perfer noctua I was asking about good rgb fans and what you've personally used or tested... have experience with. I personally love noctua just wanted to add color.
  2. Ya know I've considered it just because I love my d 15, but my gpu and mother board key board and mouse all light up and I dont mind having them on the lowest level of light. I'm not a big fan of my desktop looking like a lucky charms village but also have glass panels where I didnt before. And the new noctua fans in black ? they look amazing specially the d15 that's blacked out hopefully it's real this time.
  3. So the three fans with a max rpm of 1000 they arent terrible but with a rtx 2080 trio a 9900k and a few m.2 it gets pretty hot. I would like rgb looking to get atleast 6. Ofcourse theres corsair and cooler master. I'm curious what are your personal favorites or what fans push the most cfm. Is you have a link would be much appreciated thanks. I know thermaltake and corsair both push 210 cfm with a max of 1500rpm on both.
  4. So I'm curious, do speeds on the box really matter? Couldn't you take a ddr4 2000 boost it to 3000 and save money? Or is there different compents in the lower speeds that make it tougher on the ram less life time I guess? If anyone has any info will be appreciated.
  5. Been looking at this ultragear for a little bit now. Do yall think it's more hype then what's real or is this monitor going to be one of the best?
  6. Oh I know it's the second down just thought it would be easier to get to. I would normally agree that its sata but since the only sata connection I'm using is a fan hub it's on the back ofcourse. Only a single gpu, in the pci e 16 slot nothing in my pci 4, my tower cooler which go back to my fan hub. And here to show that there's nothing plugged into those ports there's some pictures... those are the SATA connectors that would interfere and as you can see nothing is plugged into them. lemme ask if I have something connected wrong why wont either drives show up as anything in bios? I understand that they can cancel each other out but it should still recognize that there's something in the slot right?
  7. Both are Samsung 970 evo plus. Both are m.2 and nvme compatible I think it's the drivers and bios plus I dont have a os on it yet.
  8. Running a 8700 on a z390 gigabyte aorus master mother board. So I turn it on everything looks great except both my m.2s aren't getting picked up. Couldnt it be a outdated bios I haven't done anything to it yet. Just on and off. But the drive bay is under the GPU and I put the standoff and screw in so it was in place. Any ideas on why they wouldn't be picked up but both my GPU and two ram stick did?
  9. Yup that's it that's a good show have you seen the fate/stay night series gotta be one of my favs. Thanks for your help again @Cora_Lie
  10. Off topic what's the character that is your profile pick I feel like I've watch the show.
  11. Oh haha I feel a little dumb. Thank you for you help. Went from low end to a higher end pc and it's been a bit confusing ontop of I dont want to plug anything where it shouldn't be ?. Gotta get some new cables for better routing also another fan or two.
  12. Wow that youtube foo! Thank you. Although now I gotta look at where that led is lol. Cause that's for my harddrive when its reading and writing.
  13. I got on just had to use a little force and my mounting kit is perfect. I'm almost about to power on my new rig for the first time whoop whoop
  14. Orange Is speaker so I guess it would go in purple. But I already have my power led plugged in that's what's got me confused