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  1. I've recently swapped a hdd in a 2012 model. I used the online recovery. I used an old drive I had but am considering an new ssd. I read somewhere that it should be sata 2. Although the hardware should accept sata 3 there was a software restriction. Might be worth looking in to. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.macworld.com/article/3252169/sata-3-old-macbook-compatibility.amp.html
  2. It's looking much cleaner now. Though I'm still thinking I need to do something with the side panels. I also need to wait for my thermal paste before I can start testing properly. And I might have one or two cables that I'm not sure what they connect to.
  3. Hadn't got a clue what the date was, I just thought it was a way of putting a smile on people's faces. Definitely wasn't expecting the outcome, not had that happen for years.
  4. Marbo

    Thermal paste

    I definitely get what you're saying. It just seems wrong.
  5. Marbo

    Thermal paste

    Im not quite at the point where I'm considering food products. I was thinking more along the lines of the lithium grease. Although this would probably turn into a thin liquid and possibly damage the board.
  6. Marbo

    Thermal paste

    Absolutely nothing I stripped the whole thing down and cleaned everything
  7. I'm not a gamer so there may be things I don't get. Is it so important to play the latest games? Things are going to be difficult for a while. Tuff titty if you can't upgrade right now. These things are not important. Revisit some old games. Get a dos box running and have a laugh at some early pc stuff. Or even better run a zx spectrum emulator and see what I had to suffer in the early 80's
  8. Marbo

    Thermal paste

    Numbnuts here needs thermal paste, and didn't get any before lock down. I really don't want to order online right now. It just seems like a complete waste of time for the delivery companies, who are already under pressure. Every time a delivery driver or postie goes out they are risking their health to bring our orders. I don't want to put anyone at risk for a bit of thermal paste. However I have lots of time really could do with some to start testing my latest restoration project. Serious suggestions please. Anything I could use short term that I may already have or could pick up from the supermarket next time I go for supplies? Moly grease perhaps?
  9. This is the most over enginered pc I have ever worked on. It's also the dirtiest. I'm also wondering what the 2 fans on top are supposed to do. They are tiny and not enen attached to the case.
  10. Lost a load of my points somehow, although not too bothered as were not really doing it for the points anyway. But what I am wondering about is my latest wu. It says it's a high priority CPU project, but running on my gpu whats that all about?
  11. I reckon if you replace your Gpu in 3 years time it will be because you wanted a newer one to keep up with advances in tech rather than it being worn out through folding. As long it's not running high temps 24/7 you should be fine. I do a lot of render work. I've cut back on that and try to get a couple of WU done each day. So if you're a gamer you'll probably be playing loads atm. Maybe play a couple of hours less and do a bit of foldinginstead. No difference to wear and tear on your system.
  12. Should get the case cleaned up today. However that's as far as it will go for now, as muppet here forgot to get thermal paste before lock down.
  13. Whenever I have something to sell I price it at around 15% more than I would be prepared to pay. It gives you a bit of room for negotiating. If I sell on ebay auction then I set it quite low, write a deatiled and honest description and get as good photos as poss. I figure it will find the right value if advertised correctly.
  14. My guess is that if it can get the work done in the time limit then its helping.
  15. Tear down and deep clean has begun. I'm so glad this lot is labeled and/or colour coded. Tbh I'm really impressed so far with the detail in this build. And here's a few bits after a wipe over.
  16. Well I've removed the aio. Part of the problem is the suboptimal power delivery. The pump works intermittently, look at it the wrong way and it quits. I've yet to try it directly connected to the MB. The Second issue could be this......
  17. Did you manage to get it working from the CPU fan header, to get rid of the fan error message on boot?
  18. No it's part of the system, and it doesn't have a window anyway. I'm trying to keep the cost to a minimum. Once done I'll probably sell it on and move on to another project.
  19. Thanks for the tip on the panels. I thought afterwards wrapping might be a better idea. Although If painting is done correctly it would last years. Yes am aware of the cooler not being original. I have seen some for sale at around £50 but just don't trust them, they are going to to be old so probably won't last too long. I don't want to spend a huge amount of money on it so air cooling might even be considered.
  20. Where it stands now Apart from looking like it has a family of rats living in it, it does work. However it is not without issues. The CPU reaches 100c at idle. I suspect the pump on the aio. Most of the lights are not working and it's missing a dvd drive. It is booting from the hdd and not showing the ssd. More investigation needed when I can get it running at a more reasonable temp. My Plans I aim to restore it pretty much to original spec. First thing will be to strip it right down and give it a bloody good clean. I will temporarily fit an Intel stock cooler for testing purposes, while I decide on a more permanent solution. Add a further 4gb of ram to fill the 2 remaining slots. Add an optical drive of some sort Repair the lighting And possibly paint the side panels, as they are pretty rough. Install windows 10
  21. The Machine Turns out it is not an r4 but an original Aurora, from before "r" designations, although commonly known as an "r1" Specs 1366 motherboard I7 950 Gtx 560 ti 1gb 8gb ddr3 1333mhz (4 X 2gb sticks) 875w oem psu 500gb seagate Barracuda 60gb ocz ssd Corsair 120mm aio (as yet unidentified model) The issue with no video output brought up the prospect of a number of problems. First port of call was to replace the thermal compound on the cpu and gpu and switch it on to see what happens. The compound on both was solid and just flaked off. Unfortunately I did not have the for sight to take a photo of this, but you can imagine what it was like from this image. I found a dvi to hdmi adapter and fired it up. Booted into Windows 7 ultimate on first attempt. No graphical problems in sight.
  22. I have decided to document my restoration of this machine for anyone who might be interested. This is going to be a learning experience for myself, as I've never lifted a Swiss Army Knife (that hopefully has a Phillips head screwdriver) in anger to anything with so many proprietary parts. The back story I've recently built myself a new Ryzen system, it's 90% complete, just aesthetics to finish. I was then itching to do another build, but couldn't justify spending the money for the sake of doing a build. Then up pops this very sad looking machine on ebay. Advertised as "Alienware aurora r4 gaming pc" "Spares or repairs The computer powers on but doesnt show on the screen. I bought this to play games on but stuck to consoles mostly and when I've come back to try and use it again I've been having this problem." I felt an urge to rescue it. I put in what I thought was a reasonable offer, which was accepted.
  23. Yep, bought it as faulty so got very lucky. It just needs cleaning up and a few minor issues to sort out.