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  1. They really popular in Brazil
  2. So, I was watching the 50 wireless earbuds video and I just can't believe they didn't include any of xiaomi's offerings. At least here in Brazil the Redmi Airdots I would say is one of the most purchased wireless here, and from what I've seen people are really liking the Redmi Airdots S which is the new generation of the Redmi Airdots. And out of alot of other shitty earbuds when weren't even there? The Xiaomi Airdots are the normal version. The Redmi Airdots (renamed to something else but still know as that) were the Xiaomi Airdots except with a button instead of a touch sensitive interface. The Redmi Airdots S are the updated version of the original redmi airdots, they have a low latency mode, namely known as game mode, and fix some issues with the original, from what I've heard, the normal redmi airdots had electronic noise, but one from one source so I'm sure? But yeah, the S fixed that. And is very very low latency, on YouTube is basically same as wired. I think there is some time of latency trick in software? Because they were basically instant on tests. Some people like me would prefer the button, and people say they're the best cheap earbuds. Another issue people talked about is that SOMETIMES but this is a not a sure thing, is that it might came with a not working case. They say the case is bad quality. But I'm gonna purchase them on a physical store so I can get warranty, though I've heard that only happends to fake ones. They're about 20$. Another issue is that they don't have a skip feature. The only way to fix that is to download an app and set it up, but over all they're pretty great Positive things about them: Decent Sound Quality Price WIRELESS (duh) Game mode in the Redmi Airdots S Battery is standard, about 4 hours. Very very low latency on the Redmi Airdots S A button if you prefer that Anyway, its not a premium option, but it's a good option. Especially right now where wireless earbuds are kinda disposable. Anyways I actually just wanted to talk about them. And I want your opinions if you have one of them (especially if you have the Redmi Airdots or Redmi Airdots S) By the way the Redmi Airdots S actually is better than the Xiaomi Airdots from users opinions.
  3. I actually don't know if it was 120, I didn't buy it in dollars, I bought in brazilian reais, I live in Brazil, and usually phones here are 1.5x the price so it could be that
  4. Just discovered that, it probably might've just crashed, and I would need to factory reset it, but I can't even apply it, with no tricks
  5. So, I hate, like hate Samsung emojis. The fanbase made a way to download a font that doesn't actually changes the fonts but does changes the emojis. But I don't know if it's dangerous to apply it, since its not from Samsung, and every single font app found are only compatible with Android 9 One Ui, not Android 10 One UI 2, I'm not scared of losing data, but I am scared of corrupting the system, if it just crashes I would just factory reset it. Can someone tell me if fonts can soft brick Samsung phones?
  6. I have the Samsung Galaxy M20 it was 120 dollars and it has 5000mah
  7. When Linus said on some Livestream that we wouldn't record in 60 frames on his main channel, and I am so happy he did a video on 60 frames. (The video where he plays every steam game he didn't play) I was like why is this so smooth this tv doesn't have motion smoothing and then I saw video information and 1920x1080(60) I was like omgggggggg yes But he probably won't do 60 frames anymore just like what he did with HDR
  8. There is one thing I can say, Motorola sucks with updates now a days
  9. I live in Brazil and we get always exynos. I don't have experience with snapdragon at all. iPhones are really good at keeping the battery at the same level while turned off
  10. Customization. Like using icon packs, launchers ... Customizable live wallpapers For launchers I like: Lawnchair 2, Nova Launcher 3, CPL
  11. But the 6s will be better for social media, but while iPhones update for longer, when they stop updating they don't have alot of apps working. But definitely the 6s will have alot of good sides too, but in 3 years it's gonna be kinda unusable, so I recommend buying a newer iPhone, even the x is kinda of a good idea. But i would wait for the newer a series phones. If a A11 is released. But you need to give me more information for me too recommend something. But it it's just for gaming go for the a20 and don't ever buy the a10 has poor price for the buck
  12. If you have it on your region, I would get the a20, but if the m20 is available in your region I would get the m20, I have the Samsung Galaxy m20