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    Ryzen 7 3700x
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    MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX
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    16GB Corsair 3200 RGB PRO
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    Gigabyte 2080 Super
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    NZXT H510i
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  1. Fair enough. I went with a 2080 super for my build anyway. Screw the budget. Side note, cheers for all your help with my stupid questions here....
  2. You said "Often" ! Anyway, some AIB cards will outperform the FE cards due to better heatsinks and fans, so longer time at higher boost speeds.
  3. Yeah, but for 200 quid more here in the UK it's not worth it for alot of people.
  4. Nvidia bin the so that the FE always have the best die.
  5. If you have a second monitor you can set the one you DON'T game on to be your main display and then notifications etc will appear on there, not over you game. Or look in google chrome settings and block all notifications.
  6. yeah, that's what I'm going to try. Just having the RGB one plugged in to save the USB header for smart device. I'm going for a red theme so the motherboard LED will be red, so everything being red is good!
  7. the wraith has 3 cables. one pre attached - power for fan. It has one USB, and one RGB. My question was about do I need both USB and RGB plugged in. I believe I can control the RGB using motherboard software using just the RGB one, keeping the USB headers for front IO and one for smart device. Otherwise, I'd need the USB to be plugged in to, in which case I wouldn't have enough USB headers for all 3.
  8. That'd suck. Google thinks the rainbow ring will always stay on even if I don't plug the USB header in, which would be fine by me. I'll try it when I go back to building. Edit - someone also thought if the mobo is a 4 pin then I can control the colours in BIOS/motherboard software. I'd just set it to all red anyway, but that'd be cool too
  9. makes sense. Surely it'll just do a random colour effect if the RGB isn't told what to do?
  10. Well a PCIe internal usb header can be 40 quid, so even the NZXT internal USB hub is cheaper at 18. OR I could just forego RGB control on the fan? How do I control the fan anyway? Will I have to use the BIOS to set up a fan curve for the wraith or will I need software?
  11. Okay, say I bought PCIe expansion card would I be able to use my PCIe wifi adapter too? How would I "run it on the chipsetlanes"? Computer noob here sorry
  12. okay, I've already plugged that in. Will that let me control the RGB on the fan or the fan speeds or both?