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    Somewhere In Hell
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    Gaming, Computers, Tech, Coding
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    Oh Right, I Am An Gamer, Who is Obsessed With Tech And Sits On Front Of A Monitor too Much. Also I Know Basic Python. Ehh That All Except I Am Addicted To Anime ;(


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    Amd Ryzen 5 2600X
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    Asrock B40M Pro
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    Corsair Vengeance 8GB 3000mhz
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    IDK Even Know
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    500GB HDD
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    Some Giberish
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    LG Monitor (That All I Know)
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    HP Cheap Keyboard. My Old Chinease Keyboard Brok
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    Some RII Chinease Mouse
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    Headphones And Speakers
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    Windows 10 Home
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    Got A Spare Potato Laptop With Win Vista And A Smashed One

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  1. i changed my DNS to necause didnt work so thank you for the suggestion
  2. my internet speed is about 20/30mbp/s upload and download so it cant be the internet speed itself
  3. this problem occured yerstaday when i tried going on steam to change my profile however it took ages to load like 5 minutes or so and then it gives me like a HTML only layout or smth. I tried going on steam webiste and it just loaded in forever like 10 minutes and more, i tired re installing steam however when it updates it, it updates in like 1kb per second or smth and resets the updates so it impossible to update steam and make it work. Any suggestions how i can fix this dam thing?
  4. Yo, so my psu has two fans an intake and an outake however the intake fan stopped working, Will anything happen to the psu as im only getting a new psu like in a month or so?
  5. this pc is a custom pre built so i dont really knw the license key but ill try to use the live chat feature later on to see if it helps
  6. Right, before i upgraded my pc i linked the windows 10 key with my account so i can re activate it later, after i upgraded everything i go to settings and apparently i cant re activate anymore, after i updated windows i tried again however it says it not linked to my account when i press Troubleshoot -->> hardware change. So will i able to reactivate my windows or is it impossible now
  7. No but rn im gonna try to re install them to see if my obs works
  8. So Yesterday I Updated My Graphics card (Nvidia) in Geforce Experience And Reset My PC. However When i needed to record some footage for a Fragmovie from csgo im keep getting erros when trying to record using NVENC software. I can use my cpu as my fps drops below 30fps so i got to use NVENC so my fps is kept at 70fps. Does anyone know how to fix the error?
  9. my headphones are pretty cheap so i should have knew this would happen. Also these headphones have a USB instead of a headphone jack which i dont really mind however when i put both channels on the sound echoed in one song and bass etc just disapeasred. So my headphones are kinda back to the nrmal audio if i either turn of Left or fight channel and another one is on to max.
  10. So Aight, I Mostly Complain Or Ask Fro Help In The Forum However. So i played some csgo and all the sudden my audio went to Potato and just bad quality. I Tried re-installing my audio drivers but didnt help. Then i went to Audio Settings And Set the Balance to Be 0% left And 100% Right And All The Sudden The Audio Got Better, Nearly The Same Level Of Quality Before Having the Problem. Any Suggestions Why This Happened? P.S The audio had no bass and i mean it and even with the bass boosted setting, And audio was pretty loud.
  11. Aight i use it on ma very old laptop and see if it works
  12. Aight so i had this Realtek RTL8188FTV wireless adapter and i thought that i plug it into my pc as it annoying to always thether your phone to pc. i did this, installed the latest driver for it and tried to connect to my internet however as usual it just says Unable to connect to this network, well it happens to all networks i try to connect. Also 2 years ago when i tried to use it for the first time it just tried to connect then turns itself of and on again and gives me the same text. Anyone know how to fix this annoying Thing?
  13. Pretty late reply but got a picture if the psubif it helps
  14. It prob is cheap but I really don't mind as I'm egttin new psu in couple months but thanks for the suggestion
  15. Good that I recorded it before to ma friend. Forgot the psu name so I check that out later Cruz mostly ma pc was pee built 20200131_183213.mp4