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  1. Mepadd

    Vega Black Screen Edition

    Yes I tried 1.16 and 1.19 same issue. The place I got it from said it's void of warranty as the "Cooler screw stickers have been tampered with. Warranty Void"
  2. Mepadd

    Vega Black Screen Edition

    Hi peps I need help. So I have a Sapphire Vega 56 pulse gpu. It has been running fine for almost a year now. Butnow it's given up. So what happens is I turn on my pc and it comes up with the windows 10 loading screen the little dots go around and then stop and my pc freezes. In safe mode it works fine. So I thought ok maybe something with the os I'll just reinstalled windows no problems. Install and all is working fine but as soon as I install the graphics drivers it goes to a black screen then restarts my pc and starts the freezing on load again. I have tested in a different pc same issue different power pack same. I even downloaded and flashed the stock bios still no luck. The fans work the card works fine, but as soon as the driver is installed crash. I have just tried to RMA the card only for it to be rejected cause a sticker has come off. So that's £250 down the toilet. Is their anyway I can save my GPU thanks. MSI B450 mortar 2600x 16gig 3200mhz ram