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  1. ok, i will setup a VM and test it ok with the pictures its now to often, just have noticed some times. The problem with mp3 corrupted its more often in my smartphone but also in pc, so my idea was to simply have a bk tool and restore from the NAS each time some song dies. i have read that nextCloud have a tool to backup your entire phone, do a factory reset and restore it again. But i still cant make the app work, not in pc, not in android, just on web in the same pc where the VM is running, im still learning to configure it btw thanks for the answer
  2. well, thise nettop cant handle freenas as i have seen, the cpu is to weak and i will need 8gb ram but what i dont know is for example, i have read that raid withoud the information that says what is contained in the raid, all data is inaccesible. so with ZFS a create a new pool in other pc, add the disks and it will work? what if i add just one of the 2 disk mirror? i dont know what is the problem but some time a picture is damage or a mp3, with mp3 its not a big deal becouse i can get it again, its just anoing, but a picture its a big problem
  3. Hi, im planing to build a NAS (this is my filst time, i have no experience with NAS but im use to build pcs). Here is what i have a msi wind nettop 120 (from the garbage) (it have 2 sata, 1 CF, 1 mini PCIe in with im planing to put a 2 port sata card, it also have a another place where supose to be a second mini PCIe slot but it is not, does some one know if i solder there the conector it will work? (just for fan, im curious)) i have bought a CF card for the OS, it is on the way planing to use 2 hdd 4TB with ZFS mirror with LZ4 compresion, since it supose to make some more space and speed add another mirror if necesary to increase capacity (can i just add the disk to the mirror pool and tell it to extent the disk space or have to create another pool and use it separated?) I have read that ZFS in mirror is more secure that Z1, also ideal will be 3 HDD in mirror but i think its near imposible that 2 disk die at the same time. I also dont know if this nettop will suport 2 x 3,5" HDD, and if the diference in power consumption between 3,5 and 2,5 HDD its that big, since 3,5 HDD its cheaper and there is more variety. Give me some advice. the SO im planing to use is OMV, also i want to install on it plex (dont want transcoding, dont know jet if it can be desabled), and nextCloud i have some technical questions about how does how the SO works and how to plevent a complete lost of data in case the CF card dies or the pc dies 1- can i ran the SO in a configuration some how in mirror, lets say the secong sotorage in the SD reader, so if the CF dies it still runs and i just have to replace the CF so it reconstrucs it self and nothing happend (i realy dont have any idea) or do make some how a exact copy in another CF by usb adapter, so it the CF #1 dies, in the boot secuence the CF #2 boot and it continues working normaly? 2- what if the pc dies, how i preven to lost all my data, how do a conect my existing mirror on a new pc? The wole idea of the NAS its becouse im tired of corrupted files and have everything in many pcs, so all will be on the NAS. And the ZFS in mirror supose to avoid corrupted files, and the raid1 dont hava thise "data integrity" i think it was
  4. I understand, but I mean, its time, its a to old standard and you will get better efficiency(if not performance, then noise) if its updated to more these days needs
  5. the lowest you can get here is 50Mb, but we have probe it with the ubiquiti and there was no problem, the problem comes when you use the operator cheap router
  6. sure, but not good enough the way i see it, i mean you have to add more fans and i find its worse than making the case with paper board(in my experience), everything have to evolve
  7. i agree, but if you don't have the space limitation from the pci you can use bigger heatsink, and the way mini ITX cases do it its much more better than outdated ATX cases, if there is no real impact in performance, you can place the gpu in a better place and that way design high end gpus with bigger cooling, i see 2 pros, better cooling so better performance and you will have more pci slots available also everybody knows that taking fresh air from the outside its way better than using already heated air and throwing it out its also better for the other components and less fans is less noise I also have seen a cooling review that show that tower cooling is better than water, in efficient and security
  8. hi, I dont know to much from networking, so i googled a little and don't find the answer and decided to post here for suggestions, im searching a router with wifi for my mom, the only thing she needs is to watch streaming with no lag while her visits kill the network. I have a mikrotik hap ac lite, it works well but its old and slower than the actual slower internet connection, my brother have a ubiquiti dont know the model but its old to, so i need something more actual but not overpowered(no need over 200$ with 100mts range), just good enough to be usable while occasionally family reunions in a small apartment, i was thinking up to 100$ more or less I try to find out why the ubiquiti and the mikrotik can handle multiple streaming with no problem but don't understand so here is my post and thank for the answers
  9. ok, no one cares but... recently i was researching for a future project for a pc/media center for my living room because i dont know to much from mini itx. I have noticed how in m-itx they take what i have mentioned, the pc componets in most cases are placed to take fresh air from the outside, so its not cryzy, its just wanting to make better things. And there are many decent price cases, the only problem is when you need a SFX psu, i hope they become more standard and cheap like ATX psu. And im not a fan of the psu over the motherboard neither acrilic over the fans Some m-itx cases for peaple like to see what im talking about Raven RVZ03 SilverStone RVZ03 Kolink Rocket Mini-ITX Velka VK-3 Sharkoon QB One
  10. Yes but the gpu have a extention cable, it is so easy to make it custom, not like the cpu that you can not move anyware, and there are so many modings that move the gpu from its natural place, also triple slots gpus, so its only one more small step, i mean, design something like you realy use your bain, not like, i know its a bad idea but everyone make it so, so wi will do it too (like every one copy the stupid curve screen in phones or the useles notch)
  11. So this is my question for Linus tech especially but also for every one. I was thinking for a long time that the cooling for graphics cards is so bad (also for desktop pcs in general), thinking in all that hot air recirculating over and over again makes me sick, i ever make some moding with paperboard to take in pure fresh air for the more importan components like cpu and gpu. But i have seen that in server it is a lot more efficient, not perfect but far more efficient, so why so a stupid desing on pcs? Ok, expose a problem with no solucion is also stupid so i will say what i was doing and what is my final idea. When i was more younger i use paperboard to make and intake for fresh air so cpu and gpus dont get recirculating air that is already hot, also i have once apon a time a turbine design gpu and i quickly realice that it was a poor desing for cooling, so i put 9mm fan on the end pointing to the other side and make a duc with paperboard that goes from the heigh of the fan to the heigh of the heathink so the air was forced and makes more presure so takes more head (i think). I have a recent idea that if i dont remember bad, a gpu set in a extension cable makes no impact in performance, not even if you use many if them. So why not set in the computer case a special place for the gpu where it get fresh air and throw it directly out? And also, why not change the desing of the cooler if it will be no more limited for the space between pcie slots? and make it at least as big as a 9mm fan so you have a 9mm fan blowing air throw the entire card with better and larger heatthinks. I think if you have better cooling not limited for space, graphics cards will perform better and will be more silen to. Think about if, you have a square hole at the front and end of your case where the gpu sucks and blow air, and the gpu can have a special standard mounting place just like the motherboard, maybe that will allow some brands to make more extreme cooling to. That also i think mus be done with cpus, but since the place for it is fixed the only solution will be having a flexible tubing for intake and outtake or you make a extencion cable to? not a bad idea jaja. I realy love pc components and build pcs, it was a dream for me work on it, but now i just watch on youtube how other people build and mod pcs and play with my pc some times
  12. Hi im new in the forum, i'm a huge fan of hardware and moding, im not english natal, mi natal language is spanish from Paraguay but right now im learning german and living in Germany. Just sing in to ask a question to Linus Tech or if anyone of his staf ask him at any moment for me. I was a long long long time ago in another well know forum but since i was inactive to much time my account was deleted and dont know way you cant create a new one and also i follow Linux for a few years so im a fan of him to. I will crate my question topic in graphics now Hello and thanks