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    8700K- temps constantly over 90C at idle

    First of all, wow, you guys are hella fast at responding! and yeahhhh, I just touched the pump and it feels pretty warm so that might be it...thanks for the help everyone!!
  2. So I recently did a reset of Windows because stuff was starting to lag and now my CPU is constantly at 90+ degree C with load barely at 3% (per NZXT Cam). Installed the CPU about 20 months ago with the current cooler (H60i) which largely no issues. This did start randomly happening before, but it was limited to temp at just startup being really high and then coming down after a couple hours and after a few days, it went away on its on. Now however it's constantly at 90 no matter what I do.S ometimes it drops to 50-60 for little bit but it never stays there long. Any advice would be appreciated! Probably will call Corsair/Intel Support tomorrow either way...Thanks in advance!