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  1. Going trough PC part picker, Kingston HyperX Predator 64 GB has a CL of 13 And comes with a price tag $750.
  2. I just assumed because you said one large SSD that it would be beneficial to partition it.
  3. So one large SSD and partition it within 3 small divisions?
  4. I'm very sceptical when ordering internationally when it comes to electronics. I had ordered my kingston RAM here in Australia, one stick failed within 2 months, I don't even want to remember the ordeal I went through to get another RAM stick approved. And this was ordered from Sydney and I live in Melbourne. almost 3 weeks to get another one sent to me. So basically I dont have trust ordering online. The PC parts listed below in my build, are in my area here in Melbourne. If something fails, ill drive there and sort it out.
  5. I follow pugent systems, which recommend an SSD for the software, one NVMe for cache & scratch disk, and the other MVMe for the projects to be stored. Once the project is complete, it gets transferred to external a HDD
  6. This RAM was one of the options PC part picker gave me for this specific build.
  7. so if the RAM is 3000Mhz, the CPU will set itself to 2666MHz by default, without causing any issues? I don't need to push the limits, I'm only interested in work station capabilities not gaming and overclocking. I just need to know if it'll be safe. Because 64GB at 3000Mhz seemed like a bargain, compared to $1000 for 64 corsair 2666.
  8. Hi, thanks for replying to my comment. I use Adobe CC software. Premiere pro & After effects, Illustrator etc etc. So considering that it's overclocking by exceeding the specified limits of intels CPU, I'm better off just sticking to 2666MHz?. I dont know anything about overclocking I just want to be safe, dont want to fry the brains out of my new PC build which will within the year. We do have lots of options for 32GB at 2666MHz at least here in Australia. (Much cheaper too) So if it's my best alternative I'll be more than happy to come to terms with this alternative solution. Here is the PC components I've chosen.
  9. Hello Forum. I'm currently building a PC for multimedia & graphic design. While trying to pick the best possible RAM for my system there is a dilemma regarding the RAM. Here in Australia DDR4-2666MHZ are priced double than the 3000MHz. Whether it's Corsair, Kingston or Crucial, RAM at 64GB DDR4-2666 ranges from $750-1000 (AUSD). But 64GB running at 3000MHz is approximately at the $500 margin (almost half price). What makes 2666 so expensive? The reason I'm eager for 2666HMz is because I've chosen the i9-9900k CPU which reading through the specs of the processor it's states 2666MHz which I assume it's the best speed it can handle to operate smoothly.