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  1. Well you now have a risk of leaks. Great job. if you dont know what your doing try reading directions or a video. Odds are low but the seal has been compromised and they really need to be torqued down in a pattern to a set amount for a proper seal. Odds are low but if if leaks this is why. Going to want to make sure everything is dry before using it.
  2. All those 90's. Screw flow. Guess people now are all show no flow.
  3. You think the 3900x prices are inflated just wait for the 3950x's to hit $1,000. Those are going to be resold harder then the 3900x's
  4. Run the process as high and it will get some more points. Stock cooler will gimp pbo
  5. Package size probably a standard 805. Value don't know could be anything. They don't list them you need a meter to check one on a good board.
  6. You need to know the value. Depending on what it's function in the circuit you could have some wiggle room on the values. Where's the cap on the board located and what board model? Here is 5000 I got laying around here
  7. Alot of people are idiots with no electronics knowledge what so ever. I work in the electronics industry. Infact I'm at work right now lol. It's a part number your going to need to order the replacement CAPACITOR to do the repair.
  8. Don't go near a soldering iron if you think it needs a replacement choke. Just from that I can tell if you get an iron near it your going to lift the pad. This is above your skill level. Look for a local repair place that does componet level repair. Part will be a few cents and install labor not more then a few bucks. This is something I would do for free if someone brought it to me. Not trying to be mean. But you have absolutely no clue what you are doing on this and you will cause more harm then good ripping up a trace trying to put a random compont on it. You have no idea what the part is or what value you need let alone the the tools to figure out values from a donor board. You will need these. I prefer a temp of 740. But typically I use 660. For desolder wick I use chemtronics size 80-1-5 for flux I use chipquick SMD291. For solder I use kester lead free or indium 52123 but for this any good quality solder will work. Put solder on the pads then flux the hell out of it and use the wick to clean the pads. Then apply fresh solder just a small amount. Pick up the part with tweezers then solder it down. I won't tell you what the part is. You will need to figure this out on your own since you need to gain some knowledge before even thinking about this repair. After that message me and I will help you. We can figure out the value you need get a McMaster Carr part number and you can have them ordered. If I have the value you need on hand I'll send you one. I don't know what part of the circuit this if for so you don't really wanna put a random part in its place as it could lead to damage. But if it's something like filtering then not so much. But since I don't know I highly advise not using random parts.
  9. Ummmmm lower temps? Ok typical guy talking and has no idea what he's talking about. Aio's are crap. Now a custom loop is going to be better all around but how much left does that 1950x have? They oc like crap so even if you tack on an extra few hundred watts of cooling power unless your cpu can hit the clocks it's pointless. Water-cooling is easy. Problems start when you watch idiots on YouTube. You just need to fallow the basic water-cooling rules that have been around since we were using pond pumps Make sure all tube cuts at straight. Make sure all hoses at on the barbs and all the way on. When using compression fittings this is very important. Check all fittings. Do not over tighten. Nice and snug Assemble the loop in the case. Then pull it out or if you can't just remove the cpu block and pull it away from those board. First timers should always leak test for 24 hours outside of there case. I haven't leak test anything in years. I just toss it together and go. Modern stuff has really made it easy. No more Teflon taping threads. Heating hoses up to get them over barbs and not struggleng trying to stretch that tube. It's really easy now. All that said I personally would not waste the money on that 1950x. Even overclocked a 3900x is going to destroy it. And for the $350+ for a quality loop you can sell that mobo and cpu and pick up a mobo and a 3900x. That's a much better buy. Those 1950's don't have much left in the tank in terms of overclocking so if I was looking to spend $350. I would sell my mobo for $350 with the 1950x for a quick sale. that gives $700 $499 for a 3900x leaves $200 for a mobo. $199 ASRock steel legand. Now you have a cpu that's faster all around. Clocks higher and overall just better.
  10. OMG people have no idea what they are doing telling you to use break cleaner and soapy water. You want the highest isopropanol you can get. 90% or higher. Then get the absolute softest tooth brush you can find but I would use a ESD safe horse or hog hair brush. Then very lightly clean it with that. Keep in mind if you don't pick the proper brush you you will be creating triboelecttic charge by rubbing the brissles over the pins and this is a guaranteed of creating ESD. You have to clean around some pins that are pretty sensitive to ESD. I highly recommend you get a proper brush. You can also get some of this https://www.all-spec.com/Catalog/Soldering-Rework/Soldering-Chemicals/Flux-Removers/ES897B-9700?gclid=Cj0KCQjwqs3rBRCdARIsADe1pfR2mWCp1vKG2PIZWvUzEK9DGXw95U3qw3fkDM4xySHDn3I8F6DxVHsaAlDKEALw_wcB that stuff cleans pretty well. And the orange light means there is no gpu present. System needs a gpu to run. Also don't trust a word someone says when they say they do this for a living then give you horrible advice. That just means they don't have a real job or basic electronics knowledge. And I don't wash cpu's like cars. I work in the semiconductor industry and Im TR53 certified among other certifications.
  11. I work in the semiconductor industry and if you want some high mag. Images and measurements of some compounds just send me a on and ill take some for you. here are some quick pics of cooler master maker gel nano. You can see the diamonds in it
  12. Idle temps are meaningless. Load temps are what you need to look at. Also need to know what cpu, what colors it's running and voltages.