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  1. turned out that my bios wasn't up to date and now it works fine.. I'm so dumb lol thanks for the help anyway
  2. I bought my pc a while ago and used it just fine since. But recently it started to crash randomly when I'm playing games. - to be specific, Farcry 5 and League of Legends, later one even sometime crashing entire pc- While I'm trying to fix it, I found out that my ram frequency was set to 2133(I've set XMP when I first bought it and didn't bother since). So I went to the bios and found out that it is set to XMP 2 profile(3200) but not working. So I resetted it to XMP 2 and save&rebooted. Then my system crashed, rebooting itself 3 times(I setted 3 try for memory failure, as I remember) and back to 2133mhz. Now I activated XMP 1 profile(2933mhz) and it seems working fine.. What could be my problem and how could I fix it?? I'm using: ryzen 2700x w/ stock cooler msi x470 gaming pro carbon gskill 16G PC4-25600 CL16 TRIDENT Z RGB x2 Please help