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  1. Do suggest which rx580 cards are worth it in 2019. Thanks!
  2. Eunoia

    gtx 1050 ti in 2019?

    Hey guys, wanna know if the 1050 ti is still a good gpu in 2019. It is for a budget build. Do suggest other gpu for a budget build.
  3. Eunoia

    550w gold???

    okie okie thanks a lot.
  4. Eunoia

    550w gold???

    Ryzen 5 2600x MSI gaming plus trident z 16gb 1tb hdd 250gb ssd radeon rx 580 devil cooler master mwe 550w gold
  5. Eunoia

    550w gold???

    Hi guys, im planning to build a pc with 550w gold power supply. The estimated w for the build in pcpartpicker is 394w. Will the 550w do the job? Or should i get another one?
  6. btw guys, between the gigabyte aorus b450 elite, asus rog strix b450 f-gaming,tomahawk and msi maing plus which MB would you guys suggest?
  7. I see, thanks a lot. And btw do you think that a 120mm aio will be able to do the job if im not yet planning to OC it.
  8. Hello, what if im looking for somethings a little bit more less expensive.
  9. Can you guys also suggest which b450 i should get? -Asus ROG strix b450 f-gaming -Gigabyte strix b450 elite -Msi tomahawk do leave other suggestions.
  10. I see i see. Okok thanks
  11. Haha okok thanks