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    Compsci Student


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    r7 1700
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    MSI gaming pro carbon x370
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    2x8GB @ 3200MHz
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    evga 1080ti sc2
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    2TB SATA SSD, and two smaller bootdrive SSDs
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    Ubuntu + win10 dualboot
  1. Those are just outside my comfortable price point unfortunately (with the international markup they end up around 400) I'll take a closer look to the rest you mentioned. (The aorus elite was previously on my radar already) I actually heard the opposite, that it's got most of the high end features, but is a lot cheaper I'll look into those as well then, thanks.
  2. That's not an issue, since I have a 1st gen ryzen CPU already. I'll be using 3600MHz memory, so I should be fine on that aspect too. These two motherboards caught my eye because as far as I know, they're the cheapest boards that have an external clear CMOS button as well as a proper VRM (maybe on x470 there are some more, I didn't look too deep into those)
  3. Hey guys, I plan on getting the 3950x when it comes out, and I've been trying to decide on a motherboard for the past 2 or so weeks. The two options I came up with are the x470 Taichi Ultimate, and the x570 Taichi (both from Asrock, duh) On paper, the choice should be obvious. Taichi Ultimate has the following pros over the (x570) Taichi: No pesky Chipset Fan Cheaper (I can get it for 270CHF, and the taichi is 340CHF) (NB: CHF-USD conversion rate is roughly 1:1) It has some other pros (such as the 10 gig lan) and cons (such as the lack of wifi6 and pcie4) that I don't really care about. I mostly care about 2-3 features when it comes to motherboards: good VRM, external Clear CMOS button, and good-enough bios. Is there anything I'm missing about those two boards? Such as a feature I should care about, or a flaw that would make one of them drop out entirely? Also, feel free to recommend another board if you think it would be relevant. Like I said, the decision should be obvious, but I can't help but doubt myself a little. Cheers