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  1. Posledni

    Switching to RX 580 or GTX 1060

    Ok, I meant in case of 20$... i dont want to spend 300$ for a new one. There are no many options to get second hand 1660/1660ti in my country.
  2. Hello, i was thinking about little upgrade from my GTX 970... I found second hand RX 580s and GTX 1060s (8GB and 6GB) around 100$, so if I sold my 970 it would cost me about 20-30$. What do u think guys is it worth upgrading? If it would which one is better option for like 2 more years? CPU: i5 - 6600
  3. Posledni

    Upgrading my old FX to i5 6600

    I'll go for it, Thank you guys, you're just awesome
  4. Posledni

    Upgrading my old FX to i5 6600

    But im going for a budget so the MB+CPU+RAM is the thing
  5. Hello there, I’ve got offer to upgrade my FX 6350 to a newer i5 6600 for a just around 110$ with mother board and 16g of RAM. Will it hold up with my actual GTX 970? I just wanna play games like Apex, Horizon 4, ... in 1080p. Do I should upgrade?