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  1. visualphil

    Need help/advice on my first amd build

    This is what i have right now! happy with this one. i already have an ssd.. I can't use amd cards with octane render engine! anyone last thoughts?
  2. visualphil

    Need help/advice on my first amd build

    Yeah i have 1 1tb ssd. okay so you would not switch out the ryzen 5 3600 for a ryzen 7 3700x, rather switch the gpu for the 1660 6gb (not rtx compatible right?) I also do Houdini sims not super heavy ones, those are cpu based tho can be gpu accelerated. So as i read this the 1660 might be the best choice yes.
  3. visualphil

    Need help/advice on my first amd build

    Hmm okay! Yeah i have storage from my old pc, and i need a nvidia card to use with otoy octane render engine.. sadly doesnt work with amd cards... Also, is the stock cooler wraith stealth capable enough? mabye I can take away the noctua and get the 3600x? or even the ryzen 7?
  4. Hey everybody! This will be my first amd build, skrew intel and their expensive cpu's... this is a list of all the components in a link https://azerty.nl/basket/?code=YTo3OntpOjE0Mjc0NzI7aToxO2k6MjY2ODQ5NDtpOjE7aToyMzE5MDI2O2k6MTtpOjIyNTIxMzY7aToxO2k6NzQ1MjkyO2k6MTtpOjI5NDAwMDY7aToxO2k6MjYyMDQ5NztpOjE7fQ== Tho here it is in text, motherboard MSI B450M Gaming plus cpu AMD Ryzen 5 3600 gpu Nvidia 1050 TI 4G OC psu corsair vs series vs650w ram g.skill aegis ddr4 16gb 3000mhz case Antec NX100 cpu cooler noctua nh l9a Am4 Total 650 euro. My pc purposes are document work, excel, word etc. and browsing, netflix youtube 4k streams, and a little bit of gaming like the sims 4. Is this a good build for my purposes? And are all the parts compatitable? Many thanks in advanced!