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    Gaming Poweredge 1900?

    So, I picked up an used poweredge 1900 server from a thrift store for 20 bucks, after I got home, i cleaned the dust out and re-seated the ram, to my surprise the thing worked. It currently only has 4 gb of ddr2 dimm ram in it, and i managed to use a bitcoin mining adapter to slot in the best graphics card I currently have, a MSI R7 260x OC. Would it be a sensible thing to buy 32gbs of ram, and make the thing a fully fledged gaming pc? or should i just try elsewhere for my gaming pc needs? Here are the specs btw Processor: Intel Xeon E5345 @2.33 GHz (it has two of them) Ram: 4 GB ddr2 FB-DIMM Graphics: MSI r7 260x OC