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  1. Thank you all, I am pretty nervous about swapping them because I have never done it before. I'm sure I will be fine though
  2. Hello, right now I have this computer and I just got this case! Would I be able to put all the parts that are in my pre built into that case? Thank you in advance.
  3. 1UpCarson

    Watching LTT on Twitch

    How do I find them? I just signed up yesterday to post that and have no idea how to search for people.
  4. 1UpCarson

    Watching LTT on Twitch

    Hm, alright. I thought you could if you got their permission. But then how do people have it where you can donate to have them watch a video? That would be even worse, because then they're getting paid to watch something that's not theirs.
  5. 1UpCarson

    Watching LTT on Twitch

    Am I allowed to watch videos from Linus Tech Tips while streaming on Twitch? It would be nice to play Old School RuneScape while watching their videos. I just want to get permission if I can before watching them.