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  1. Did you give the PC case a good kick? That usually works. /s Edit: I guess you could update your bios to the latest revision. Given that other people using your mobo/cpu combo haven't reported issues with it.
  2. If you are using dual channel RAM try using the other set of dual channel slots. Different motherboard designs (and/or) motherboard vendors require your RAM to be seated in specific slots to boot. It should be specified in the MoBo manual.
  3. I would say RX 5700, especially with AIB cards being released this upcoming week(?) Radeon Image Sharpening seems pretty good for 4K upscaling from a 0.70x ratio of native 4K. Not sure how well Navi will age, but drivers are very mature for the 1080. There's minimal performance improvement to be seen for the 1080 since there's no longer a "teething problem" with the 1080's drivers.
  4. Okay, so here's the thing you should know: The CPU + GPU + Motherboard and other power hungry parts (most items that use Motherboard power like case fans) usually share the "+12V1" or "+12V" section of PSU railing. Your "+12V" or in this case "+12V1" rail is rated for 180W (12 Volts multiplied by 15 Amperage.) That means you are limited to 180W between your CPU + GPU combo (in theory) without tripping OCP (OverCurrent Protection), 192W if you want to use the "12V2" section for arguments sake. ---- Your RX 570 is rated to use 150W when its being fully utilized. Your CPU is rated to use 65 Watts at its rated base clock of 3.40 Ghz. Between those two you are looking at ~215 Watts at load without any overclocking to the GPU. At load you are pulling 215 Watts sustained out of the maximum (180/192) Watts the PSU (+12V1/+12V2) railing can supply. Gaming spikes your power usage at times to 265 Watts, probably where you would see your PSU shut off and reboot your computer if it hasn't done so immediately. You definitely want to upgrade your questionable, no named Power Supply ASAP if you want to use that RX 570. That or step down your GPU to a ~75w card (i.e. 1050Ti or RX 560.) You are probably using a pre-built PC from a while back, with the expectation of upgrading the Graphics card to get a better gaming experience. Perhaps for yourself or your child. I bought a pre-built a couple years ago and swapped out the power supply ASAP. ---- For example, this is my current PSU: The +12V is 42 Amperage (12 times 42 = 504 Watts), which limits my CPU + GPU to around say--- 300 to 375 Watts total. This gives 125-200 watts for my other power hungry parts to use. I am running an Intel i5 6402p and an RX 580 8GB Reference. My i5 draws 65w and my RX 580 draws 185 Watts. Total of 250 watts or so at load, with a 250 watt of headroom for the rest of the PC to use (Motherboard, Case fans, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, Peripherals, etc.)
  5. I'd take a picture of the sticker to see how much power delivery the thing has. Could be a no-name, not reputable brand from China that cuts corners in power delivery. Also the product info of the power supply would help. --- https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/far-cry-4/12380 The game's minimum requirements is a 4 core / 4 thread CPU. I would suspect the game's software expects more cores and threads to work with rather than a duo core. Try a different game that runs on older hardware and see if you can 100% the CPU. Edit: 60 FPS cap? Did you turn off V-Sync? Is Radeon Chill being utilized in Radeon Settings/Radeon Overlay?
  6. What is the Power Supply's watt rating? Sounds like it's 300 watts to 400 watts. Especially since you had a GT630 which is a 49 watt part that has a minimum required PSU of 300 watts. The system should never reboot by itself when gaming. It should crash the application or graphics card driver but not hard reboot. Also since you had an old GT 630 you should do a install of your drivers with DDU.
  7. The motherboard needs to have a output for the integrated gpu.
  8. Sold out on Amazon. Newegg has some for $133.99. A very respectable price. @bondoao1, If you have not done so already. Have you thought about putting your OS + Games onto an Solid State Drive? It will reduce buffer times and improve load times drastically. I would recommend 570 4GB at $150 range for 1920 x 1080 Very High on GTA V. If you plan on using a few Lighting/Texture mods on GTA V, then the 8GB model is going to help as textures will cap your 4GB VRAM and cause issues in gameplay.
  9. Try swapping the $15-$25 HDMI, Display Port or Thunderbolt cable. Also try changing to a different port on your monitor. Maybe the port died for your monitor's main input. It's probably something small you are overlooking. Good luck.
  10. Blower coolers are optimal for small cases where there's a lack of an exhaust. GPUs would otherwise dump their heat into the case and build up. If you have good intake/exhaust then using an AIB partner card would let you run your fans at lower RPMs and still exhaust the heat. The partner models are scheduled for release mid august. It's also worth noting that under-volting the default voltage reduces the temperature/power usage much like Vega 56/64. The card itself has decent OC headroom.