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  1. Oh my god I'm an idiot.... I looked over that several times and never fully understood it. And now I understand it.... Yikes... Delete thread maybe? Or just keep it up I guess just in case someone like me fails to understand. At the very least I will also link the program I'm using to emulate a Xbox controller just in case someone also wants to do this. https://github.com/csutorasa/XOutput The reason I went with this is because having two halves a controller allows you to mix up your posture more often when playing games and generally makes it easier to play games when laying down.
  2. Hello, So I recently purchased a cheap "VR Controller" from Aliexpress in the hopes that I could maybe run it through software to get two of them to emulate a Xbox controller. Though when setting them up today I ended up with something.... Strange.... The device appears as 7 devices! Basically 7 different drivers make up this controller; and whats strange is that each one is designated to a different function. Now this wouldn't be a big problem if I could disable all but the controller part of it and then work with it from that; but windows does not give me any options to disable it's keyboard emulation; and the controller emulation is has doesn't even work! So now I have a controller that has it's thumbstick bound to mouse, Y and A buttons bound to volume up and down, and X and B bound to page up and down. It's trigger is left click. Now my question is; is there any way around this? Is there maybe another driver around somewhere that can unify these functions? Here is some of the data I can pull from it. Hopefully this is enough information. I've been scratching my head at this for a while and tried a few different programs like V-joy. But no success at anything really...