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  1. Is It possible to open the control box without destroying it? And it's also not connected to the MB. Only power and the infra red thing and the 6 fans are connected to the box so idk which pins I could repair. But ty for your answer
  2. Hello I'm using the Enermax T.B. Rgb 6x 120mm Fans with the control box and remote. Now its starts getting really annoying that the rgb function doesnt work and all colours are kind of dead. The only colors that work are green red and the middle of it like yellow and orange. All other colors like blue are now dark green or something like that. Very weird. Is the Cobtrol box broken?
  4. looks like everything i need works fine. The normal Fan power connectors and the pump connector is working, the other stuff i havent tried yet. I mean its now kinda shitty that my whole pc is not RGB now, but i guess its my fault
  5. So i think i now what happened kinda. I tried now all RGB headers onboard and it seems like noone works, Hopefully other headers onboard like USB and Audio are still working
  6. (Writing now this replie on the pc) Seems like it is working without GPU with all 4 ram sticks. should i now add the gpu or should i just wait
  7. soo: On my board there are several RGB headers. On the one header i plugget in a Y- cable. Then i plugget into the Y cable accidentally a cable extension from another rgb header from the motherboard.
  8. I started my system new After a while with only the cpu, mobo one ram stick and aio and it worked very good. Probably the lad's of the fans alls where burned down as I realized that the light does not turn on. Hopefully it will all work when I connect the other 24gb of ram and the gpu
  9. Hello I just yesterday build a new computer. Everything was fine and I installed some nice games. While it was turned on I configured the rgb. Also I plugged in the rgb cables to the rgb headers on the motherboard. Then accidentally I plugged in a Rgb extension cable to a rgb header and the whole system shut down. I tried to start it but only fans were lighting up for 1milli sec. And then everything turned off. I fast unplugged everything and removed the gpu. Then plugged in the 24pin for board and 8pin cpu back and tried to start it. First it started for a mill sec and shut down a it did before but a second later it started working but smelled burned all over my room, so I immediately turned everything off and unplugged it. Now I need help. I saved the money for several years (I'm only 16years and live in Germany) My computer: Psu: 600W enermax Platimax DW Gpu: zotac amp extreme gtx 1080 Cpu: I5 8600k Msi z370 gaming pro carbon 500gb m2 NVME 1tb barracuda Seagate Aio: liqfusion 240mm Fans: 6x Enermax TB Rgb Ram: 4x 8gb Corsair LPX Case: 011 Dynamic by lian Li Please fast help !!!! ;((((