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    im not that old

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  1. tylerkyran5

    Directx11 or valkan for nvidia gpu

    i have a 1060 and ive been fine with DirectX11
  2. tylerkyran5

    PC keeps restarting automatically??

    have you done any overclocking underclocking or undervolting? because it might be the issue
  3. tylerkyran5

    opinion on pc

  4. tylerkyran5

    Why do you use MacOS?

    mac os is kinda trash tbh like you cant even run .exe
  5. tylerkyran5

    The GPU Overclocking Database

  6. holy i hope alot of people bought it
  7. tylerkyran5

    What glitch made you have something you didn't pay for.

    i bought rust on steam and refunded it and i still have the game
  8. tylerkyran5

    Is a VA panel good for gaming

    Is a VA panel good for gaming
  9. tylerkyran5

    Show off your latest purchase!

    i bought a big mac today
  10. tylerkyran5

    what is a good 120/144hz

    what is a good 120hz or 144hz monitor for around 200 USD or less.
  11. probably paper i can't really tell the difference and also its better for the earth
  12. tylerkyran5

    Best Online Store in Pakistan

    just look up computer places in your area.
  13. tylerkyran5

    How Do I Package A GPU?

  14. tylerkyran5

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Lil Tecca - Ransom