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    England, Norfolk
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    Automotive and Tech
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    IT Technician


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    Ryzen 3600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B450i Gaming Plus AC
  • RAM
    16 Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600MHZ
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 980TI ACX 2.0 SC+
  • Case
    NZXT H200
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    1TB WD Black - 250GB Samsung Evo 860
  • PSU
    EVGA 750GQ
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    2x Acer 24" GN246HLBBID 144hz 1080p
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    Coolermaster Quickfire TK
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I did have a look, there's enough room to get the m.2 in there without even removing the board but unsure if a heatsink will fit back there. I don't know the sizes of the heatsinks used on the drives hence why i asked. Looks like there's some clearance but unsure whether it's enough as i don't have a drive to test with, thought maybe someone here would have either tried or knew.
  2. Oddly specific question but hopefully someone can help! I have a NZXT H200 with a MSI B450i ITX build, currently running an normal 2.5" SSD and want to upgrade to NVME. Anyone know if this case + mb combo has enough clearance at the back for a NVM with a heat-sink!? There's well priced WD black 500GB with heat-sink but curious if that actually fits back there or whether to just go without heatsink. Thaaanks!
  3. Yeah i did look at the curved one too, i think they are different panels as the curved is a 144hz and the normal one is 165hz so its probably safe to assume its different panels. But my experience within windows sucks, if i drag a normal file explorer around it artefacts and ghost around the writing and icons pretty badly, you ever had that with yours?
  4. Hi everyone, Wanted some input from some others here, I've just bought a Optix MAG272QR 27"(va panel) to replace my old Acer predator gn246hl (TN Panel). So far my experience is, colours and nice and vibrant, no back light bleed at all, however i'm getting a very noticeable amount of Ghosting/trailing in windows and web browsing and a little noticeable in games too. even in the ufo test you can see a considerable trail behind it compared to my acer. Tried setting the response to fast/normal but instead of ghosting under movement everything just smears with coronas around it and at 144hz instead of 165hz the issue continues, at 60hz its by far the worse specially moving a window with folders/text. Anyone else had any issues? Took a gamble with this monitor with there being no reviews out here in the UK at least but looks like i may just get a refund on it.
  5. Yeah i thought that too, the only issue with that is all new GPU's use Display port + HDMI and not DVI. My current mornitors can do 144hz over DL-DVI but no HDMI as that is capped at 60HZ and has horrible response times via HDMI. So even upgrading my GPU id be stuck at 60hz or buying a newer 1080p 144hz monitor.
  6. I only plan to use 2 monitors as I only use my second monitor for web browsing so i'd only be running games on a single monitor at 1440p I know some games would definitely fall short on the 140+fps maxed out but i normally play stuff on high settings for fast paces shooters. Only normally crank the settings on more cinematic/single player games or for campaigns and stuff.
  7. Still undecided but its likely between RX5700XT or maybe a 2070, but it will more that likely be a 5700xt as they are so well priced.
  8. Hi everyone, Been thinking of upgrading one of my two 24" Acer Predator 24 GN246HLBBID 144hz Monitor for a little while now. Now that i'm also thinking of upgrading my GPU (980TI EVGA ACX) I will definitely need to upgrade my monitor as it only supports 144hz via DL-DVI and i play a lot of shooters and fast paced games where the extra Mhz is nice. Since i'm upgrading i'm looking for 1440p monitors as we are slowly moving away from 1080p and into 4k. I've looked at some cheaper option but seems they suffer alot of backlight bleed and stuck pixels on stuff like the iiyama's red eagle. Been keeping an eye on a new MSI OPTIX MAG272QR 27" which atm i can only find pre-order but no reviews on it at all but well priced at £270 Seen some other options from AOC and Acer higher up the price range. What recommendation do people have for 24-27inch 144hz 1440p monitors in the price range specified?
  9. Nopee. was waiting to see what the Christmas prices where gunna be like and never ended up upgrading! Waiting to see what AMD releases this year. As for the games i play the 980ti has been doing me fine
  10. Yeah my current EVGA 980Ti sits at around 72c max under full load after a few hours of gaming and the case getting heatsoaked essentially, unsure how it will perform in the summer but it doesn't normally get overly hot in the UK tbh so should be alright as i haven't had the case long. Only downside off my 980 is the fan bearings are kinda going on both fans so it has an annoying noise while running. Still performs well but could do with an upgrade soon!
  11. Was just watching that as you replied! Seems pretty close between the pulse and red dragon! Tough decision! Agreed, love the look of the red dragon much more than the pulse! so subtle but still sexy as hell! Would look right at home in my current build.
  12. So, i recently upgraded to Ryzen 3600 from an old i5 4690k and now i'm thinking of also moving away from my EVGA 980ti ACX2.0. I run the set up in a NZXT H200 with a front mounted AIO so i have around 270mm of GPU room to play with and no more that 45mm thickness i believe?! Anyhow, i'm kinda stuck on what to pick as there aren't many 5700XT cards that will fit in this case, and also i still only game at 1080p 144hz so unsure whether its worth the upgrade. Seems my two/three main option are the Sapphire 5700XT Pulse, the Powercolour Red Dragon (not to be confused with the red devil) and potentially the MSI MECH OC. From reviews seems my two best options are the pulse or the red dragon. Anyone have any experience with either of these in a NZXT H200i or equivalent when it comes to temps? as that is my main worry in this case. Is it worth the upgrade for 1080p gaming? (do plan on going for a 1440p monitor soonish). What are people opinions?
  13. Yeah SFF PSU's seems quite pricey for a decent modular one so i think i'll stick to my ATX for now. Planning a GPU upgrade down the line maybe in a month or so ( still unsure 2060 S or 5700 XT) so hopefully those run a little cooler and going with the shorter cards maybe i'll get some more breathing room.
  14. @niels1996 Yeah i'm torn between 2060 super or RX5700 XT at the moment as there are only a handful or partner card out at the moment! Having the same issue with fans on my 980, not so much a rattle but a constant grindy noise in the background. Hard to find replacement fans for these ACX coolers tho ?
  15. Just came from a full tower to a H200 as well! Absolutely loving it ^^ Running a 3600 on b450 and a 980ti and it runs everything i throw at it smoothly ? Out of curiosity what are your GPU temps? i use to run a 290x and it ran hot in my atx case let alone Mini ITX my 980ti ACX currently hover around 70c with fairly low ambient temps