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    Calgary Alberta Canada
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    potatoes, folding, cars, mining


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    R5 1600 OCed to 3.85 ghz
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    MSI SLI plus
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    16gb g-skill ripjaws V at 2933mhz
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    EVGA gtx 1080
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    Corsair air 540
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    1tb wd + 500g samsung 840
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    Cx 750w corsair
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    23'' dell + 29inch lg + 34inch curved wqhd crossover
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    corsair k70 rgb
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    corsair m60 rgb
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    seinheiser game zero
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    Windows 10

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  1. Nidiahk

    HD 7950 wont display 4k@60hz

    Alright, damn. Maybe its my cable then as I can't change to 4.2.0, only options I'm given in either amd drivers or cru are 4.2.2 and higher
  2. Since the 7950 has no 4k60 support over hdmi I purchased an adapter cable that is known to support 4k60 from dp to hdmi. My tv has run at 4k60 before on my main pc over hdmi 2.0. Yet when I set my resolution to 4k in windows it drops to 30hz and if I try to set a custom resolution the amd 19.1.1 drivers tell me my display doesn't support it. Does any one know of any solutions or work arounds? Thanks
  3. I put the stock block back on and no luck
  4. Well I really hope that isnt the case
  5. Nidiahk

    High Cpu Usage

    From my experience restart the pc, nuclear option is windows reinstall, but windows is most likely just doing something and will stop when it feels like it
  6. My Vega 64 has an aio I modified to fit on it. Hotspot temps were very high and I was trying out different thermal pastes and after applying a lot of noctua paste as suggested the card stopped displaying out. The pc boots no problem with a 7970 I had. I reset the cmos and tried the cards stock bios. I have cleaned all the thermal paste off with alcohol and it was in between capacitors and what not. Any other suggestions? (VRM heatsinks were applied after that pic). (Edit) the fans spin and the light comes on, the monitor even turns on out of sleep but goes back to sleep immediately.
  7. Nidiahk

    What should I review next?

    Considering your top two videos are arctic hobby stuff (my sig), an arctic hobby vehicle battle video on csf.
  8. Nidiahk

    empty the tanks

  9. Nidiahk

    Your Folding Rig(s)

    I have 3 computers folding currently, only GPUs running 2x 7950 2x 270x 3x 280x Another computer is currently down but with all of them I could make 800k ppd
  10. Nidiahk

    Finally--1 Million Points

    Congrats! Its a big milestone
  11. i would try reinstalling f@h software, if not then amd software drivers, fail those start playing around with your video cards until you find something that works
  12. Nidiahk

    F@H not working

    I get this all the time im glad the install is fairly quick, are you changing hardware around? Sometimes that does this to me
  13. Nidiahk

    Folding temps safe?

    Video cards are good but yes delete the slot for the cpu, allow it to just manage the videocards and not overheat or thermal throttle
  14. Nidiahk

    Mining with Free electric?

    Use what you have for folding at home!
  15. Nidiahk

    What's going on with this?

    Close and reopen fah client in your task bar notifications and that should be done, this will stop folding temporarily