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  1. I'm going through a list of reasons why my pc wont boot up and noticed that CMK16GX4M2D3000C16 isn't supported on the b450 gaming pro carbon and x570 gaming pro carbon.Just wanted to double check with the pros I'm not wrong before I buy compatible RAM.https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-AC#support-mem-19https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-X570-GAMING-PRO-CARBON-WIFI#support-mem-19
  2. It’s b450 pro carbon and 3700x. I did do the bios flashback thing but still got the red light. I think my only solution is to get that amd boot kit. Or buy and X570
  3. Having trouble solving the red led problem next to CPU. Just wondering if it’s because I don’t have the right power cables in the right slots. The 2 orange circled ones are GPU, the 2 middle ones are CPU. The bottom ones are ATX.
  4. Thanks for that advice. I will do that but before I do that can I just double check the psu cables are in the right sockets. Your last comment suggested I’ve put them in the wrong slots. The 2 orange circles highlight the GPU cables. I just slotted them above the text labelled 6+2 PCIe & 4+4 CPU
  5. Hopefully that’s all I need to do. But I’m not able to get anything on the monitor. So can it be done via usb stick? Also have I connected the cables to the psu correctly?
  6. I have the cpu cooler plugged in cpu fan 1. Is that correct? i pulled the the 4 pins out and just left the 8 pins in but I still get the red LED. Do I need to be able to get into bios to update it? Because I get a blank monitor but if I leave it on long enough will I get something on screen? I appreciate you guys trying to help.
  7. The text next to the Red LED says CPU I have 2 pcie cables in the GPU, 2 cpu cables I’m the mobo and the tax cable in. Am I missing any cables?
  8. Oops. Ok I’ll get that plugged in. When I had it plugged in before I had the same issue but haven’t plugged it in outside the case
  9. First time building a rig and I might have ruined the motherboard by not screwing on the last 3 standoffs. I took it out of the case and powered it up just mobo and cpu focused and I still get the red LED light as shown in the attached photo. Is everything there correct? 3 cables plugged in (clipped in), stock cooler running, I can’t think of what else I’m missing. Its the 3700x if that makes any difference.
  10. Hardware Unboxed showed Navis image sharpening was better than Ray Tracing. Plus you don’t lose frames. Undervolting a 5700xt can yield Radeon 7 performance at less heat and less noise than stock 5700xt. We’ll have to see what the 2070 super can do overclocked and wait for new drivers to improve the Ray Tracing experience. The reason why 2070 super is more popular with reviewers is because at stock it just about edges away from 5700xt. Which is unacceptable considering it costs 100 dollars more so you’d expect 100 dollars more performance. So you’re more buying the brand name than the features and price to performance when you go nvidia. One disadvantage the amd cards do have however is that historically amd hardware has not being able to play some games nvidia hardware can play. And thats still the case today. Get that sorted. To sum up, this generation of Navi is the same as the first generation of Ryzen. Shows some promise but doesn’t worry the competition at stock level.
  11. I’m completely new to build PCs. My Corsair vengance ram sticks aren’t coming until tomorrow. I was wondering if I’m able to use my old ram stick to do all the installation and setup today. Then replace that stick with the 2 new ones tomorrow? Are there any any issues with this? Edit: The old stick is DDR 2 and the new sticks are DDR4. B450 gaming pro carbon mobo. So a big no no?