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  1. I threw that CPU into the mix because you mentioned video processing and programming which can take advantage of the extra cores, but I had another look at the available info on the 3950x to make sure I wasn't giving you bad advice... and I turns out it's 250$ more expensive, so it's not "just a few bucks more". I'm glad I opened my mouth to give you unwanted advice - I would have waited until September to put my rig together, now I'm back into impulse spending mode baby. WOOOOO! Btw, that's a sweet rig you've got!
  2. This is the worst moment to buy a 2080 and 3900x!! on the 23rd Nvidia will release the 2080 Super which will cost pretty much the same as 2080 while most likely being halfway between the plain 2080 and the Ti... Then, in September AMD will release the Ryzen 3950x with 4 extra cores for a few bucks more... Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome build, but you will feel like you could have had a LOT more PC for the money once the new gear is released and you have a look at the benchmarks. Not the advice you're looking for, but it is the advice that you need
  3. Ok, I'll allow myself to close this thread I've decided to buy only the screen right now. In two weeks I'll grab the 2080 Super which will be just right for 3440x1440. Finally, when Ryzen 3950x drops in September I'll grab it along with the rest of the gear. Thanks for the input guys, It helped me resist the impulse to buy now and saved me from having regrets as soon as the new GPU and CPU are released.
  4. That's what I have right now my 3570k has been running 24/7 at 4.1GHz for years now, but it's the time to upgrade is definitely overdue with these new AMD CPUs... Thanks for the heads up on the RAM, Asus doesn't specifically namy my RAM as compatible, but they support most other Crucial sticks, so I hope there won't be any issues. Fortunately the internet store I'm buying from happens to have a physical store near my house, so swapping out RAM or MoBo won't be an problem. What do you think about the GFX - does the Ti make sense at this resolution - I'm not a fan of buying GFX horsepower for futureproofing, because with every other generation of GFX cards some new cool features come out, so it's generally better to get the 2nd or 3rd best for half the price of the top dog card and just upgrade it more frequently. Well, at 1080p/60Hz that was true. Now I'm stepping up to a resolution 2.6x larger and a screen with 120Hz refresh rate, so that makes the 3rd best card no longer viable, but I'm still not sold on the Ti over the vanilla model. People recommend the Ti for 4k and the 2080 for 1440p. 3840x1440 sits in the middle of these resolutions and choosing the GFX for it is giving me a headache - the Ti fast but it's also absurdly overpriced... It will hurt my pride to let Nvidia rob me like that! With that said, I will buy it if it really makes sense at my desired resolution and framerate... I just need to be convinced that it does make sense and benchmarks at that res are nowhere to be found. Reviewers tend do jump from 1080 to 4k, every now and again throwing in 1440p into the mix. Super-ultrawide doesn't get the love it deserves - once I saw one of these 35" monitors at an electronics store my 28" 1080p monitor lost all of it's luster
  5. I really like those Fractal cases BTW. The Define R6 is right up my alley and my store has a great deal on it, thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Sure, building source files in parallel is the most significant way to speed the building process up. Nothing comes close to parallel computation in this case - the compilation cloud we have set up at the office has about 40 cores spread over 20 or so PCs, even despite the network latency it builds our project in 3-4 minutes from scratch while my i5 quad core laptop without HT that I use when I work from home does it in about 40 minutes... It has an SSD . I want this new machine to rival the cloud at the office all on its own - it will have about half the cores, but they will be clocked significantly higher, and have massively more cache, which IMO is the real bottleneck when building c++ projects. Anyway, I considered buying a MoBo with the newest chipset, but benchmarks show no real benefits to doing so, while at the same time the x570s tend to run hot requiring little fans on their heatsinks... I'm not very convinced of their longevity. I don't believe in future proofing, at least not when it comes to things that age as quickly as GFX cards - when you feel your old card is starting to show its age just get the latest and greatest a few months after its released, when the prices become more reasonable. Or a year and a half before the next big release, on impulse, like I'm doing now PCIe 4.0 isn't useful to me - neither of the two GFX cards (2080 and 2080Ti) I'm considering will benefit from it, they won't even saturate PCIe 3.0. and I won't buy the bleeding edge SSDs that could potentially take advantage of the extra throughput because I don't think I would even notice the extra speed - I'm already hesitant to buy that WD SN750 because I think it it's probably overkill - buying an SSD of the same capacity and half the speed, for half the price and putting the savings towards upgrading the GFX to a 2080 Ti might be a better choice... God ,I hate these types of choices, if I compromise I end up feeling unsatisfied, if I don't, I end up spending all my coke-and-hooker money and get depressed. I can't win. WHY GOD?! WHY?!
  7. Hi, I need some advice on putting together a (fairly) high end programming/3840x1440 gaming rig. You can assume it will divide its time between these two activities equally. I have a 1TB traditional HDD, 650W Corsair TX PSU and a sh**ty old no-name ATX case that I can reuse, but I am open to upgrading everything. I need you guys' wisdom on the value of the some of upgrades I'm considering. My budget isn't limited, but every Euro over roughly 2500 is coming out of my hookers-and-cocaine budget, so I don't want to pay more than I must to achieve the following goals: - blazing fast C++ compilation (mostly CPU bound work that benefits from many cores and multithreading) - fast indexing in Eclipse CDT (it LOVES RAM, but doesn't really need a lot of bandwidth) - 75+ frames at 3840x1440 (UWQHD+) with everything except the most taxing settings maxed out (I'm fine with raytraced shadows, hairworks, etc. at medium/high instead of ultra if necessary). I mostly play shooters, Battlefield series is my favourite, but I intend to try some of the other titles popular today - PUBG, Far Cry series, I want it to handle the next Crysis game when it comes out too Parts I'm pretty sure about: -- CPU -- AMD Ryzen 3900x (can't be bothered to wait for 3950x to come out) -- RAM -- 32GB Crucial Ballistix Sport LT Gray (2x16GB 3200MHz CL16) - is there a point in dropping lots more cash for 3733Mhz RAM? -- MoBo -- Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero Wi-Fi (x470) or Asrock x470 Taichi (Asrock if guys at the computer store flash the bios for me, Asus otherwise. I want both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) -- Monitor -- Acer Predator Z35P (35" 3840x1440 UWQHD+ 120Hz) or something better with at least 100Hz refresh rate at UWQHD+ and 35" size. -- CPU cooler -- Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B - I've been using it for over a decade with at least 3 CPUs. It's quiet, reliable and very capable, so why change it? Parts I'm not at all sure about: -- GPU -- Gigabyte Windforce RTX 2080 (I think it's enough for what I want from it, but I can step up to a Windforce 2080Ti if you convince me that vanilla 2080 is too weak at that resolution) -- SSD -- WD Black SN750 1TB M.2 NVMe 3.0x4 (with heatsink) - replacement for my old school spinning 1TB HDD. Is it worth the money? Is it overkill performance-wise? How noticeable would this upgrade be in daily usage and games? Will it make my dreams come true? I'm not sure if compiling and indexing C++ benefits significantly from SSDs, I doubt it but I'm open to have my mind changed. -- Case -- Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow - It's stylish, understated and has tons of airflow, but again, does my setup need it? My current case has no extra fans, is ugly as holy hell and just as ancient, so it won't take much prodding to get me to buy it. You know what? Forget I asked, just give me a few other options worth considering at this price point and I'll pick the one I like best. -- PSU -- I have a 650W Corsair TX that is a few years old, but should be more than enough for this build, even if I go with the 2080Ti, no? Any advice is appreciated, on the monitor, CPU, RAM, GPU, SSD, all of of it. Even things I didn't think of buying. Maaaaan I'm looking forward to having a high(ish)-end PC again