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  1. Nikez19

    Swapping cases

    Thanks for the suggestion, looks like a really good case and also very cheap. I'm still 50/50 but honestly starting to lean more towards a non windowed case.
  2. Nikez19

    Swapping cases

    Hi, this might be a stupid problem but it is really annoying me I've recently started to upgrade my pre built pc as it was getting pretty outdated and was looking to do a case swap. It's got an i7-4770, 16gb ram, I already upgraded the gpu to an rx 580 8gb and got a new psu. So my problem is this pre built has a green motherboard as most do and it completely messes up the whole build and I'm not sure if I'll be able to deal with it... So my question is, what would be the best way to hide this green colour. Not sure if I'm not just better off getting a non window case or trying to make this ugly motherboard fit somehow. Any suggestions?
  3. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    Great, picked one up for 120gbp on ebay, seller had a lot of reviews and he told me that he is a casual gamer and it was apparently not used for mining. We'll find out when i get it though Thanks for all of the replies.
  4. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    Really? Any reason for that?
  5. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    What do you think of the aorus version? Worth 130?
  6. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    Yeah, I get that but it's so hard to find anything in the 130 range nevermind 80.
  7. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    For an 8gb? Really that cheap?
  8. Nikez19

    Rx 580

    How much should I be paying for a used rx 580 in the UK?