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  1. Event viewer -> windows logs -> application You search for errors only about CSGO application about a time when you launch a game and it close after few seconds
  2. Shingen Pendragon

    Space-Simulator controller configs share

    To be honest space games are a bit confusing for me on M+K. Galaxy on Fire was easy to control but i can't so it in No Man's Sky it's hard af. Must try it with my xone controller.
  3. Win key+R, type eventvwr.msc. Find error about csgo and paste it here
  4. Shingen Pendragon

    RTX 2080 with a beefy rig getting terrible FPS

    Check benchmark
  5. Shingen Pendragon

    RTX 2080 with a beefy rig getting terrible FPS

    I didn't expect that to be honest with 1x PCIe, big suprise Your mobo have 2x 3.0 x16 or 8/8 and 1x 3.0 4x so i think 8x is fine, right? Also i recommend setting in BIOS primary display as PCIE and iGPU multi monitor
  6. Shingen Pendragon

    What popular games can you still comfortably play using only the iGPU?

    Dying Light all the way imho, I played with my friend who have intel hd 4000. This game together is really fun.
  7. Shingen Pendragon

    Upgrading GPU or not?

    I get your point but i'm thinking about something to get for longer time than changing GPU every year. 1060 is good enough for 1080p gaming but i'm looking for GPU that will handle 1440p. Thanks for suggestion but i'm interested only in nvidia GPUs. @Turtle Rig Updated signature, thanks for tip I'm okay with my 1060 for 1080p gaming even if it's 3GB VRAM version. I was thinking about 2070 Super but my monitor don't have HDMI so i should be prepared for using more money. I guess DVI gonna die? Edit. I was thinking about Acer Nitro VG240YUBMIIPX 23,8" and 1440p version
  8. Shingen Pendragon

    Upgrading GPU or not?

    Hello, I have been thinking lately about replacing my 1060 to something that can deal AC Odyssey on 1440p and other future games like Cyberpunk but.. Is it really worthy to buy now any RTX GPU? RTX Super totally destroyed 2000 series like RTX 2070 Super give you almost the same performance in games that 2080 do.. What you people feeling about it? It's worth to invest now in new GPU? Or maybe wait for new series?
  9. As indie game lover that's sad developers lose money on shady sites like G2A and others (Gamivo, Kinguin). I bought few games on Kinguin and G2A and never had a problem with any of them, still on my steam account but i heard many of people got key removed from their account because reseller sold stolen key etc. Also when G2A said they gonna take your money from wallet if your account is not active.. Instantly deactivated my account on G2A. I buy games mostly on Cdkeys, Instant gaming, Greenmangaming, Voidu and of course steam and believe devs don't lose money because buying it there outside steam.
  10. Shingen Pendragon

    Low GPU & CPU Usage while low fps

    What do you mean? I mean your CPU is too slow for that Graphic Card Unit (RTX 2080) that you got and with time it will make more problems and in many new games FPS drop will happen more and more. GPU can't use full power because bottleneck. Also about Minecraft i believe shaders use a lot of GPU computing power tho.
  11. Shingen Pendragon

    WIndows 10 Install issue

    Settings\Advanced\Integrated Peripherals in your MSI UEFI There should be SATA mode and you can change it to AHCI or IDE
  12. Shingen Pendragon

    WIndows 10 Install issue

    Did you try all others USB ports? Your USB file system is NTFS? Try changing SATA mode to IDE in BIOS and reboot
  13. Shingen Pendragon

    Need help with GTA 5 crashing

    Hello, Did you try clean install your GPU drivers? Tbh GTA5.exe don't conflict with any else app so it's probably game bug.. Also try off your steam overlay ( if you have GTAV on steam ) and nvidia shadowplay It's crashing always in the same moment or it's random?
  14. Shingen Pendragon

    Low GPU & CPU Usage while low fps

    Dear Original Poster, Bottleneck almost 40%
  15. Shingen Pendragon

    Rp games like GTA

    Street of Rogue but i don't know if that will catch your fancy. It's roguelike roleplay game.