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  1. Daneel

    Headset recommendation

    After some other recommendations I went for Game One. Hopefully I will get them delivered tomorrow. As far as i've seen they are seen pretty well.
  2. Daneel

    Headset recommendation

    Still in need of any recommendation. I am up for Audiophil ones too if they are ok for my requests.
  3. Daneel

    Headset recommendation

    Edited. I don't know what to say about latency, I will come back after I read more about it ... Edit: The latency as low as it can get in that price.
  4. Daneel

    Headset recommendation

    Hi. As they all break the same time sadly, after 3 years my headset broke today. I am looking for a recommendation for headset. Now I don't know if I should get a "Gaming" Headset or get Headphones and separate microphone. What I am looking for: 1. Wireless headset as I have a problem with wires on headsets 2. Comfortable for long usage 3. Price at most 170 - 180 euros (190 - 200 $) for the whole headset or both headphone and microphone 4. Over ear as I hate in ear and on ear (not comfortable in my opinion). Thanks in advance for any recommendations. EDIT: Usage: Gaming EDIT2: We can throw the wireless part. Maybe there are some better things at this price that are wired.
  5. Hi. After 4-5 years my mouse decided that his right click had enough of my hands. With the right click not working properly for a while I decided it was about time to change the mouse. So I've been looking for recommendations and I've stumbled into logitech G502 mouse. I was lucky that a friend had one since 2014 or 2015 so he brought it to work and I managed to try it out and I must say, I like it. So I think it's a good mouse for my taste but I am confused whether I should get the wireless one or the wired one. Some things to keep in mind: I do not intend to get the wireless charging mouse pad as I find it way too overpriced for what it does. I have some coupons so I can get the wireless version at about 40 euros and the wired version at about 25 euros So, should I get the wireless version or the wired version? Or should I just look at another mouse? Thank you.