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  1. I see. It never throttled to be fair. Last question: any idea if a more aggresive fan curve will wear the fans faster? Or that should not be a problem? Thanks for the answers
  2. Do you think that changing GPU coolers will help at all? Also, is that even possible?
  3. Hi. Recently I started monitoring (again) my temperatures of my gpu and cpu. Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Armor The case I use is: https://www.amazon.de/SilentiumPC-SPC162-PC-Geh%C3%A4use-schwarz/dp/B071R74LYX?language=en_GB (didn't buy from here, just the first link I found about my case) The case has 2 intake fans: - 1 in the lower of the case (where the HDD and cables are located - this one doesn't make sense to me - 1 in the middle where it takes in air from outside exactly where the cpu and gpu are And 1 exhaust: in the back of the case The temps present themselves as follows: - Idle: GPU: 46-50 C, CPU: 46-50 C - Low load: GPU ~60C, CPU: ~60C - High Load: GPU ~75-81C, CPU: 75-81C I use only stock coolers and fans, no overclocking is being done. As I've read about this I found out the following: 1. CPU temps are fine with stock cooler 2. GPU temps are in normal parameters BUT a bit too high For GPU I am using the auto default fan curve from msi afterburner (basically, the stock fan speeds) I wanted to know if there is any way that I can lower the GPU temps with the things that I have (like adding some fans, coolers). Someone told me that maybe I need to apply some thermal compound on my GPU, because it may be dried. Wanted to add that the components (all of them) are around 1 year and 7 months old. The temps were the around the same from the begining, with ultra 2k AAA games running my cpu and gpu at 80C. Any hints of where I can learn more about air cooling? I saw some videos and, in general, I understand the "theory" but I have a problem understanding why people, on the same graphics card, have around 65-70C temperatures and I hit 80C ... If anyone is willing to try and help me I can also provide pictures and more information of my rig. Thanks a lot.
  4. I see. So your point is that as a monitor IPS is better. What about a tv tho in dark room. This confuses me too much. Not being able to get an oled is a pain
  5. I see. What about VA? PS: come on, TN is not that bad i have a TN panel on my main monitor on pc and it's fine I don't know about TVs tho
  6. I want to upgrade my old tv to a new one. Main usage: lan streaming from media server, pc and phone. I was lloking at an LG 49SM8600PLA. It has an IPS panel and I was wondering if it's fine in my watching conditions: - I mainly watch things at night as that is the time I sit in bed and watch content The problem that I heard about is light dimming and some dark color problems, but what I don't know: for an untrained eye (aka non expert) will that be that bad? Can it be solved with image settings? Thanks
  7. Still looking for any other recommendations ^^ Price range increase to: 180-190$
  8. Hi, Last month I was looking for a headset. After recommendations here and on other forums I went for Senheiser Game One. Boy they were bad for me, extremely tight (even tried to make them less tight) on the left side (strangely yes, only on the left side ...). So obviously it resulted in a return as it wasn't that great to feel pain all the time. Now I am still in need of a Headset or Headphones + microphone and I am looking, again, for some recommendations. Information: 1. Comfortable - I am also using glasses when I use the pc. (for longer usages) 2. Price range: 160$ - 170$ 3. Over ear as I can't stand in ear / on ear ones 4. Decently good microphone (either incorporated in a Headset or separate) 5. Usage: mostly gaming (casual, non professional) and listening to youtube music / videos Thank you. EDIT: Forgot to mention, open back
  9. After some other recommendations I went for Game One. Hopefully I will get them delivered tomorrow. As far as i've seen they are seen pretty well.
  10. Still in need of any recommendation. I am up for Audiophil ones too if they are ok for my requests.
  11. Edited. I don't know what to say about latency, I will come back after I read more about it ... Edit: The latency as low as it can get in that price.
  12. Hi. As they all break the same time sadly, after 3 years my headset broke today. I am looking for a recommendation for headset. Now I don't know if I should get a "Gaming" Headset or get Headphones and separate microphone. What I am looking for: 1. Wireless headset as I have a problem with wires on headsets 2. Comfortable for long usage 3. Price at most 170 - 180 euros (190 - 200 $) for the whole headset or both headphone and microphone 4. Over ear as I hate in ear and on ear (not comfortable in my opinion). Thanks in advance for any recommendations. EDIT: Usage: Gaming EDIT2: We can throw the wireless part. Maybe there are some better things at this price that are wired.
  13. Hi. After 4-5 years my mouse decided that his right click had enough of my hands. With the right click not working properly for a while I decided it was about time to change the mouse. So I've been looking for recommendations and I've stumbled into logitech G502 mouse. I was lucky that a friend had one since 2014 or 2015 so he brought it to work and I managed to try it out and I must say, I like it. So I think it's a good mouse for my taste but I am confused whether I should get the wireless one or the wired one. Some things to keep in mind: I do not intend to get the wireless charging mouse pad as I find it way too overpriced for what it does. I have some coupons so I can get the wireless version at about 40 euros and the wired version at about 25 euros So, should I get the wireless version or the wired version? Or should I just look at another mouse? Thank you.