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  1. Even dropping the primary timings value by 1 doesn't boot. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks. Will try it. I tried 14-17-17-30, but it wont post.
  3. Are sub timings manually entered or you let them on auto? Also whats your vccio and vccsa voltages?
  4. Z370-a. Asus states on their website that this is t-top, but as you suggested it probably wont make a difference at these frequencies.
  5. I’ll probably just tighten up the timings. The hynix wont go even a hair above 3467, so yea!
  6. Hi folks, My system initially had 2 x 8GB sticks of DDR4 3200 CL16 (16-18-18-38). I bought another pair to add to the system, its the same model (same timing, voltages, etc), but the older chips are Hynix, and the newer ones have Samsung B-Die. I am running those already at XMP 3200 1.35v, and it passed memtest64 without any errors. The question is, if i OC it to 3467mhz, will that cause issues because of the differing chips? Model F4-3200C16D-16GTZR Motherboard Asus Z370-A Prime (T-Topology)
  7. Anyways, the local shop allowed me to return it and take another chip... its stable at 1.3v 5ghz with no avx offset... and even chip to chip at same voltages and load... the new chip is 5-8c cooler running.
  8. Much cooler without HT. Power draw drops from 160w to 130w in the same scenario.
  9. Yea. Thats the problem. The NH-U14s is pretty beefy... it was easily able to handle a 8600k at 5.1ghz with 1.36v... but the 8700k is much much much hotter. Do you think upgrading to a NH-D15 would do any better?
  10. @DoctorNick I've seen these stats, but i have no way of knowing what percentile my chip falls at... because i cant get to anywhere close to the voltages siliconlottery uses to test these chips.
  11. Hello folks, I just moved up from an 8600k to a 8700k. My OC is stable at 4.9ghz (no avx offset) at 1.30v, with uncore at 4600mhz. Is this a good or bad chip? I tried 5.0 (avx -1 offset) at 1.38... it was stable for prime95 1344k stress test for an hr... but real bench crashed because temps went over 100c. I am using a Noctua NH-U14s cooler, and 3200 CL16 ram OC'd to 3466. Asus Z370-A Prime. VRM Temps were in 70's even at 1.38v. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi folks, I am looking to upgrade from a 8600k to either a 9700k or a 9900k. I have my 8600k OCd to 5.0 (-2 avx offset) at 1.30v... so i do plan on overclocking the 9700k/ 9900k as well. The question is... is this motherboard vrm good enough for oc’ing the 9700k or 9900k? I use a Noctua Nh-u14s with 2 fans, and my case airflow is pretty good as well. Thanks in advance.