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  1. Davidulo

    I have a problem with Steam

    Unfortunately we don't live together yet. Update: I have plugged one more cable to the PSU to power the HDD and switched SATA. NZXT Kraken was powered from the same cable and it might have been the problem (I know it sounds stupid). Anyway it started downloading like 40GB and successfully downloaded. I managed to download 30GB before the disk problem. After the download was finished I expected another update, because I know the game is big as hell aaaand it didn't happen. It just started including all the free DLCs. I have no idea how is that possible. It's probably some matrix sh*t.
  2. Davidulo

    I have a problem with Steam

    Yes, I am sure it is trying to install on the 2TB one. I know it can take like 250GB I have it on my computer, this is my gf's. I tried installing TF2 and it went ok
  3. Davidulo

    I have a problem with Steam

    I am trying to download ARK:Survival Evolved and I have a problem. It says: disk write error. I don't know, what to do, because I tried almost everything. My pc: i7-8700 RTX2070 16GB DDR4 Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200 <-- There is the library Samsung SSD 250GB I tried: Clearing cache New Steam Library Fixing library Changing download region Checking the disk drive Running Steam as Administrator Disabling antivirus Disabling firewall Reboot Unplugging and replugging my disk drive