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  1. Thanks for the explanation do you know if there are going to be b550 boards?
  2. so for zen 2 x570 its best to go mid range + to get the maximum boost?
  3. how is the Gigabyte X570 GAMING X? has anyone here bought it? will it work fine with a 3800x or 3900x(stock and overclock)?
  4. I was thinking about the MSI b450 pro and 3800x or 3900x the thing is I'm coming from Intel and plan to put everything at once(from what i have seen the pro has flash)
  5. so it's ok if i install all of the components and then update? because some people told me to update before i install the CPU
  6. Can i flash bios on a b450 motherboard while a 3000 Ryzen CPU is installed or do i have to flash it before i install the CPU ? does it matter?