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  1. Davikcdt44

    CPU and GPU Temp question

    hmmm ran a few tests and everything is running smoothly, i think i will just get a new PSU and just assume its that VR game cheers my friend. your advice was helpful
  2. Davikcdt44

    CPU and GPU Temp question

    instability in my system? what do you mean? is this not a fixable thing?...i was able to play the game previously but the restart issue happened recently in all honesty i think it was that game somehow...after playing other games i have gotten no restart
  3. Davikcdt44

    CPU and GPU Temp question

    i am not getting bsod, just a restart
  4. Davikcdt44

    CPU and GPU Temp question

    so is this a PSU issue? i dont remember any restarts until i am using VR but i could be remembering incorrectly, i have a bad memory so....
  5. Davikcdt44

    CPU and GPU Temp question

    are these normal temps? safe, as in wont harm my PC in the long run
  6. my temps for my i5-8400 is hitting 76C when benchmarking with assassins creed odysseys menu. My GPU is GTX 1080 SC is hitting a max of 76C recently i have experienced some random restarts too (not too often but they did start happening recently) i first got the random restart when trying to start up a VR game pavlov as soon as i click play it makes my PC restart. and when hooking up my VR's sensors initially. thats why im thinking it could be a faulty PSU but i want to make sure it isnt my temps before i blow $100 on a new one my current PSU is 'thermaltake 600W' and my PC is only about a year or two old. i just moved to a new room where it is fairly toasty so that may be it...any personal opinions are appreciated as well as professional opinions and i'll try my best to provide any further info about my PC