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  1. It sucks so bad that they could shrink it and scale it back. not like it need to take up so much die space. not like people game on igpu, at lest not an intel.
  2. bill ni

    Is this PSU good?

    Dell is known to not use standard ATX PSUs. Some are allright but not the best PSUs. Id go for a seasonic the CX430 is hit or miss.
  3. a 486 can be ran at 5v. just saying.
  4. does it matter? its just the way they're made.
  5. bill ni

    Aio pump not effective

    it likely was not holding right. your using TIM right?
  6. bill ni

    Aio pump not effective

    I don't see any rust. just corrosion. Id check for leaks.