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    Recycled SSDs , Can They be reused?

    Just an update. So it seems the issue was with the laptop I was refurbishing. Now I feel so stupid. All the SSD's checked out and I made a sweet profit. I also bought 10 Dell Latitudes E6540 i7's 4th gen's for 15.00 each, 1080p resolution. Only need the hard drive caddy and drive which I put the the SSD's. I also got a few i5 (4th gen laptops ) for 15 each so the profit was good. Thanks for your help. Peace.
  2. Scboy4ever

    Recycled SSDs , Can They be reused?

    Thanks for the info. Why would manufacturers limit the data amount on SSDs?. That’s really disturbing. Hopefully a few them will pan out so I don’t take a loss.
  3. I recently bought 20 used SSD’s from a local recycle center for 5 bucks each. The first one worked fine when I loaded Windows on it but many of the others aren’t working. They show up in the bios and Windows installation but when I go to load Windows on it the files won’t copy over and an error appears. I’m thinking they may of been shredded with a program before recycling ? If so are they lost, or is there a program that can repurpose them?