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  1. oke, what MB do u suggest? i'm not planning on upgrading the CPU if i get a 3600 instead of that MB.
  2. i've used a stock cooler on my current PC. it killed my temps on the CPU, a 1080 needs atleast 500W so i can go with a 550W and i heard higher speeds RAM doesn't change alot with the 3600. which b450 btw? and is it good for the 3600?
  3. where i live it's double the cost of the NVME SSD (225NIS for the NVME) (400 NIS for the 500GB SSD) basically a difference of 60$. i can myb order it off amazon tho.
  4. Edit: updated part list here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/epickill/saved/xmYRkL got alot of help from the guys @ buildapc discord! might change the bazooka to a tomahawk