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  1. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    It is and I think it kinda set an expectation, screwed myself with my case. Thanks
  2. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    Yeah, not going to lie, that kinda pissed me off with a refresh like that. but your right, I just need to step away until it comes out. Thanks
  3. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    MSI Gaming Z, a coworker actually wants it for $250 if I go for an upgrade.
  4. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    Not really concerned about price but don't really want a $1k 2080ti. I've been kinda kicking myself for getting a 2060 because it didn't dawn on me that my TV was decent for PC gaming until after the fact.
  5. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    2080 FE is a couple mm shorter than my 2060, kinda why I'm questioning if I will be shocked by temperature and noise.
  6. NoSocks

    Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super

    TL;DR, Upgrade 2060 to 2080 super FE for 4k@60, assuming 2080 super is slightly better. I know the reviews are not out yet but the price seems pretty set in stone for the 2080 super. Currently, I have an MSI 2060 paired with an 8700k. I mainly game on a Samsung 55nu8000 in 4k with games scaled to about 1440p resolution, I try to target 60 fps. It's not like it looks bad with high AA and the TV even supports 1440@120 but I have to manually change the resolution every time I switch between it and my 1080p monitor, I'm just looking for more pixels at steadier frames. Would upgrading to a 2080 super FE (assuming the 2080 super is slightly better than non super at $700) be a worth while upgrade or would I feel like I wasted my money? Also, my MSI 2060 is fairly quiet at 65 degrees while gaming with the computer about 5 feet behind me, would a 2080 FE be a shock in terms of noise and temperature? I do run a custom fan curve with 40% idle and 55% at gaming temps. Kinda stuck with FE as I have some stupid height constraints and dig the looks.