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  1. the same thing The gpu stuck 139 mhz no matter what but memory clock go to the max value some times 2002 mhz and here is the gpu-z monitoring report , it says the same thing that its power issue and look at the voltage its 0.625 FIXED !!!! could that be a hardware issue https://imgur.com/vHQOZn4
  2. the gpu stuck at 139 mhz and and memory clock at 202 mhz as you can see in the image that gpu power is 623 W ( witch is too high i think ) while the program HWinfo64 says its a power issue , and here is what i have tried i changed windows twice changed the drivers to the latest and bunch of old ones upgraded bios to the latest , i did most of the software that could have a relation with it and now i think its a hardware issue so can any body tell me what to do ??!!! HERE IS THE PICTURE https://imgur.com/49kxBll my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 7577 with a 180 W charger