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  1. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    Yep, in multiple motherboards. Also tried 3 different types of ram, (brand and speed) all the ram works. Just only one stick in the 4th slot only.
  2. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    Don't really have them round here tbh.
  3. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    I bought a new motherboard to test that theory. New one actually boots to bios but with one stick other than my first. I don't have any other cpu's to test with. This is only my second intel cpu, only other one i've got is a 9700k. and a 2500k lol
  4. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    Is there a easy way to test for this ?
  5. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    there is no physical damage to the cpu or motherboard on either of the motherboards. I checked both of them under a microscope.
  6. jonnycarbon

    6700k ram issues.

    I recently had my motherboard die (asus z170 pro gaming), it would no longer display picture or even boot remotely. I got the (dramm issue) that's apparenlty normal with these boards. I decided to go ahead and purchase a new motherboard for it (gigabyte z270p-d3) now it boots up to the bios!!!! (yay), But now comes the main issue, no matter what I do it will only boot to bios with one stick of ram installed. I have tried 3 different sets of ram have also checked each individual stick and they all work. I'm really unsure what it could be, Apon looking at the cpu there is no physical damage, same with either motherboard any help I'd appreciate. Thanks.