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  1. that is some high iq shit ngl
  2. funfact song is from 1998, but wasn't widely released till over decade later for what reason i don't know, think it aged well if i could care or know less about band otherwise. ignore video if you don't like anime this is best studio version one can easily find with reference to beatles-blackbird at end
  3. if you go 5700 you wont regret it with exception of programs that force x264 encoding (in obs use x265 for now), likewise, the 2020 drivers have some nice potential features but use 19.12.1, its actually perfectly stable so go with that till the newer ones get a rock solid release. I'd go gigabyte or sapphire followed by powercolor (unless you need a 2 slot, in which case powercolor is your savior), overclocking is possible but don't worry about it too much, 50+ power does more then clock speed squeezing will get you, over 2000-2050 target clocks you won't see much unless you are on water, at which point you'll be chucking too much money at it and in 2080 territory flashed 5700s are fun if you are on a budget, but you'll get a tiny bit more perf out of just going xt if you can find decent 400-420$ AIB, so don't worry about it unless you find a nice 5700 for like 290-330$ avoid ASRock and ASUS like the plague, msi is iffy (new is fine if not great, old is horrible, impossible to tell if you get new or old revision till you have it in hand), XFX is meh but okay also hot take but people who run games on ultra are candidates for a lobotomy, no real world visual difference but often with 1/2 to 2/3 the performance, its only relevant in testing because reviews want to be scientific and consistent, test for worst cases, looks same as medium-high for anything but taking still screenshots at 4k, just ruins frames. be a gamer not a idiot
  4. magnets in ur brain bro
  5. don't mind them they live in a fallout 4 bomb shelter or something and don't know how to converse with humans anymore tbh but basically a 4 core 4 thread cpu is genuinely going to struggle these days, i'd like to point you to a cheap ebay intel, but in this case i'd just say get a 3600?!? games hate 4 threads, even if they don't hate 4 cores, maybe there is a cheap alternative but the used intel market is literally bullshit
  6. i just want more brunel's tbh ngl also like a few lucille ball or whoopi goldberg would be fine tbh, idc just saying our environment changed a bit ago and its funny to pretend we aren't attentive to it
  7. Laptops are a hard market, good to just see some decent upgrades there. More importantly, you guys, somehow, in the mixing went full echo mode at about 5:40 in. I'm sure you noticed this, but just saying this incase you might think people didn't notice. Actually im wrong its in most of the video, almost all of it. tbh, these laptops cool but until a properly cheap thing, respectable laptop can come out that fits some form of gaming standards, and workplace needs for >800$, bleh I know vancouver is expensive place to live in so its easy to forget how most people live, and likewise pushing the best of the best tech is your forte, but 1600$ is about what most people live on in a year for food in NA, let alone 2nd or 3rd world forget about it, just saying, still love you wish ya best of luck
  8. not on the money, but fair enough. i was friends with all these people because they picked me out as the poor, very poor, young person who was driving like somebody they admired. Not well enough to rival wealthy kids who grew up with dads whose fathers grew their kids up to become racers, but i suppose more interesting because that wasn't the case. I'f i wouldn't of failed at becoming a engineer then i'd easily(calculus equations are written shitty imo, i wouldn't* back down on that) have a job in the field rn, its easy to do so where i live. none of that is the point though. i have no interest in you requiring credentials to know if i make a statement it is true, what i prefer is if its obvious, you realize something you didn't know you knew, even if you did. my issue combativeness, its a good way to train a close friend but not a average, let alone random person.
  9. they weren't asshole manners irl, the complete opposite if anything, more like scared nice introvert, but i suppose online somehow goes opposite direction, unintentionally, absolutely. Was more friends with actual test drivering instructors, won't but would if need be happy to put linkedin pages, and multiple NASA/SCCA racers irl, but no, that does not translate to a certifiable anything anywhere online, likewise i'd rather it doesn't matter if i sucked or was great, just that i could help people drive better without sounding like a jerk online, dono why. Won't name names but decent buddy with guy who trained all the current (redacted) *American car company* test drivers for nürburgring, same guy was involved with Dave Mathews band at one time oddly enough (only giving that for people who may know, won't easily be searchable), but really it doesn't matter. I could start rattling off SCCA or NASA drivers but won't either. Just wish i could help people without seeming like a jerk.
  10. i like thinking of ram as i see it constantly professed in these places. "will it work if i put it in" nobody knows, maybe they will like it maybe they won't, its hard to say, you just gotta believe in yourself, you are likely your own worst enemy
  11. wow, fascinating, you mean the one from a completely different thread? someday i will figure out satire, someday, tbh i honestly hope i can cause i dislike being a jerk. Until then im happy living in metropolis which bases its norms in reality rather then twitter, its nice. I do feel bad but ffs i hate what has become of ppl online, i hate how serious everything is. Poes law has been a thing since 2005, why is it becoming harder to just be a goof Yes i'm being serious, i do feel bad but can't be buggered, still gonna prefer this side of the seaboard until then, probably likely forever even disregarding all the poop, green ooze coming out of our highways.
  12. i dono i'm looking at cheap 3600 in my system rn, have run bunch of benchmarks, coming from slower ram it kinda gets me hot and bothered, makes me sad i initially bought ram for Ryzen 2000, not knowing better, before ending up with Ryzen 3000 like think about a bunch of pretty ladies, nice curves, good personality, big honkers, that is 3600 speed ram in your ryzen 3000 system. 3200 not bad but kinda need some nose surgery ngl
  13. I think intel as a whole is silly atm, but i like to think it looks something like this in a few years thats a ways off though at this point
  14. i dono 3770 sounding real good rn tbh, please mention such problems earlier in future posts.
  15. yes, if you are a psychopath gj reddit, please educate me more on american history, its amazing how i somehow never knew what a actual slave was in my life, shocking even
  16. there is a microcenter in madison heights which is great to visit, just for experience of going to microcenter, im not sure if they will take all components though so probs not worth mentioning unless you can call and confirm goodwill, bestbuy, staples etc probably best and easiest bets also how tf we still have bronies, let alone in detroit, you should be a weeb by now, we are intellectuals not savages, fuck what other states think of us
  17. double post and idc, it will probably fall into the ocean soon so don't be bothered too much by them, you'll probably feel bad for them in a few years.
  18. Are there any experienced, legal, racy boi drivers who get really frustrated talking to normal people about car control, watdo, how to do it better? i think about all the depths of humanity, fathoming life as we know it, ways people can comprehend, and i'm usually in awe of others, but when it comes to car control i get extremely angry at people for being so short-minded and innaccurate with their assumptions about how things actually work, its extremely painful, and i don't like being a sore-sport, wish i could just explain things better without i suppose (likely) sounding condescending, people have no interest in listening if you come across that way, even if all you are telling them is 1+1=2 i have no issue with this IRL because i can give a ride to somebody and explain my points easily, they can tell im not talking BS. But online i just finding people who think im being mean to them, rather then actually explaining how say weight transfer, or coefficient of grip works across various surfaces. Its painful because i was (maybe still am) the most approuchable, likeable, teacher irl, but online i apparently come across like some sort of giga-asshole
  19. you sure boss? First off i can't even figure out which exact A320 it is, it doesn't say, second most A320s are, just not a good idea for anything over the 6 core 3600.
  20. tweaking the memory isn't a bad pursuit, its cool as heck when it works, but its easily the most time consuming, and likely to cause issues, thus why i rarely would recommend it. but yes 3200 isn't that bad, just saying 3600 at same or better timings is worth looking for if price lines up
  21. Yes so far as that exact question. So far as negative offset, i wish i could give more info but am on complete budget system, so i can't give proper experience with using it, could be good idea though old but maybe helpful video Regardless i'd suggest 1.25-1.325v OC, its very unlikely you will find better sustained clockspeeds then this, the "boost" frequencies you can get with PBO only happen in very single threaded applications like opening a browser tab, for very short limited period of time (no heat on processor), not anything gaming or app related. Stuff that doesn't really matter, modern and future games care about all-core workloads, and thats why i recommend all-core OCs
  22. Kinda rude sounding question, but what is the reason you "need" to upgrade to 32gb. Are you running VMs etc? Video editing, etc? There are zero games that come close to needing more then about 9-10gb (including backround tasks), and likely wont be for long while, not before the standard moves to DDR5, and then likely some time after that.
  23. Me not helpful, and your point is actual concern for real people, but i sorta imagine KF2 and this whenever i think of brits so hard for me to comprehend fair enough though, 3200 speed that you know you can get isn't going to really gimp Zen 2/Ryzen 3000 too much, just stated incase they can find rippy bois, as i'm fairly sure kit is available natively there, but literally no clue what website/vendor it was