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  1. I was trying to overclock my ram and it was unable to boot. So it took a while but I was able to reset CMOS using the button on the back but now I cant enter bios after the reset. I can boot onto my computer and can use it but during after I press f2 on the bios screen, the screen goes black and it just stays there. I have an x570 taichi, ryzen 3900x, ballistix 32 gb elite 3600 (4x8), corsair mp510 960gb ssd, Asus 1080ti rog strix, and I'm on the latest bios update (1.7).
  2. damn ok, so if I lost no money. going from 1080ti to 2070 super would cost me nothing, you'd still recommend keeping my two 1080tis? (they're the Asus rog strix versions one regular and one oc)
  3. I read a post from chaos group that actually showed a performance hit in nvlink but if the scene is too big, it'll only render with nvlink enabled. would a price war also lower resell value? ah I see, so you think I should keep my 1080ti's, instead of selling them and getting 2070 supers?
  4. I know I wanted the radeon 7, also for aesthetic purposes but I need Nvidia GPUs for v-ray and octane render. Most benchmarks I saw, the 2070 super and 1080ti is on par. I hear once rtx is fully optimized in these render engines, performance is much faster. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/OctaneBench-2019-Preview-GeForce-RTX-Performance-Boost-1384/ ahhh I had no idea it wasn't real NVLink.
  5. Ok am I being stupid? right now I have 6 1080ti's, selling four of my 1080ti's because it was an overkill for rendering (sold 3 already). Yes it helped so much with super fast renderings. Especially because I'm a terrible student and to get a 4k render, it helped speed things up and I was always super last minute with these... Since now im not in school, time isn't the biggest factor and mainly doing it as a hobby. I wanted to keep two of my 1080ti's. Ive been selling my 1080ti's for about 400-500 per card. Which is the same price as a 2070 super fe (im getting the FE versions mainly for aesthetics, I know they perform worse than the strix or gaming trio but they're so much sexier). I looked at cgdirector (https://www.cgdirector.com/category/benchmarks/) for benchmarks and the 1080ti's and 2070 supers perform about the same. With rendering moving towards ray tracing for more realistic light in the future and using nvlink, for the same price im getting about the same performance and getting raytracing and more vram? so instead of keeping 2 1080ti's, I wanted to sell all of them and get two 2070 supers for nvlink and future proofing with ray tracing. Im pretty new to computer but just want to makes sure my logic is correct. with nvlink I get 16gb vram correct? while if they were just rendering independently, my 1080ti's would still get 11 gb vram, even if I run them in sli, correct? also my 1080ti's have held their value pretty well, can I expect the same with lower tier cards like the 2070 super?
  6. So I decided to build my own pc case, basically similar to an open test bench. I think im doing this right but needed some help with the motherboard, standoffs and grounding. I have an x570 and a piece of acrylic. Im using the wholes with the metal circles with brass stand offs. is this enough to ground the case? or do I need to attach some metal or some kind of washer? Is it ok that the standoffs are on acrylic piece instead of metal? Also, do I need to start button if my mother board has a power button? I've never seen a power button on a motherboard before.
  7. Ryzen 3900, corsair mp510 960gb m.2, x570 motherboard (probably the Taichi but haven't decided yet), dark rock pro 4, 32 gb ballistix elite 3600 (e-die) I would normally be worried about temperature but im designing my own case out of acrylic. So theres going to be more space than the normal pcie slots on the motherboard. Its going to be an open air case similar to the p3 but smaller. Im also using riser cables to create something like the p3 with risers. I had the Lian Li 011 dynamic and that thing was just way to huge. Im using it for renderings and 3d modeling. I dont game at all so not worried about that but using it to model and render with 3ds max, rhino, cinema 4d, and v-ray. I mean the third gpu isn't completely needed except for maybe faster renderings. im gonna see rendering times with 2 gpus first.
  8. I did get the full replacement. the premium set. so there is 4 pcie cables and 2 cpu cables. I dont plan on liquid cooling the cards but was thinking about adding a third gpu. does that mean I should get a different psu?
  9. oh that's super helpful. its a corsair rm1000x. both the GPUs are the Asus rog strix. one is the OC version and the other is non oc version.
  10. I mean I know the 6+2 works but can I connect both of 6+2 cables with one cable? Like if you look at the picture, theres one 8 pin connector that goes into the psu. On the gpu side, theres two connectors. Basically two 6+2 connections, can I connect both those connections into one gpu? or do I need to use separate cables?
  11. This might be a stupid question but im building a new system with 2 1080ti's and doing some cable management. I ordered some cables from cable mod and I got two of these cables. The 8 pin pcie cables but then theres two 6+2 connectors per cable. My 1080ti needs two 8 pin cables. Can I just connect one of these cables and connect that one cable into 1 1080ti? or do I need two separate cables?
  12. Hey guys, So im building a custom pc case right now and setting it up to run 3 1080ti's for a rendering machine. Im going to buy a Ryzen 3900 and maybe an x570 board. Also using a nvme m.2 drive. Not sure if that makes a difference. I was looking at the X570 Taichi because it has 3 pcie 4.0 x16 slots. If I put 3 riser cables and set it up will they run at pcie 3.0 x8? Im kind of new to this and if I'm understanding the specs correctly, they'll all run at pcie 3.0 x8 right? Also looking at x470 boards and those so its x8/x8/x4. is there a big difference between x4 and x8 for rendering? I thought Ryzen has only 24 pcie lanes. wouldn't I run out of pcie lanes?