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  1. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    Just an update : I switched to my 1080p monitor, and was only getting around 90-100 fps which is below other benchmarks I've seen online with ultra...
  2. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    Is there a software I can use to see if everything is working properly? Because I did build this comp myself for the first time with no experience, and maybe something is not installed properly? idk
  3. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    Nope, I just did a fresh driver install and it's still the same. Any other solution to this?
  4. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    I did that not too long ago but I'll give it another shot.
  5. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    Thanks for the advice, and I will in the future. So it's the cpu? Sorry I did a typo, it's i7 9700k, if that makes any difference or is it still a problem?
  6. no money no honey

    Need assistance

    Hi, I'm new to these sort of things and I need help. Just recently upgraded my graphics card to 2080ti and I've been testing games in 4k ultra settings to test their performance, because im the type of guy who likes to look at beautiful things in games Anyways, I just downloaded BF5 to see it's performance in 4k ultra settings and I've noticed that it's benchmark wasn't as close to the benchmarks I've seen online which is close to 70-80 fps average. Mine is averaging around 50 fps and only goes above 60 when I look up into the sky. Both cpu and gpu have been overclocked. I've switched to dx11 in settings, no ray tracing. Also vsync is off. I would be very happy if anyone can help me solve this. I will write down my specs and also attatch what gpu tweak showed me whilst i was in game. Thanks guys, and also a reminder, I'm a complete noob so please explain to me in a way that a beginner can understand. Motherboard: MSI Z390-A PRO MOTHERBOARD Ram: 8g KINGSTON 2400MHZ DD4 HYPERX x2 (16g intotal) Cpu: INTEL CORE I7-900K Gpu: ASUS ROG STRIX GEFORCE RTX 2080TI ADVANCED 11GB GDDR6 500 GB SSD SAMSUNG Also have 650W power supply, forgot what brand. If there's any other details you guys need let me know i'll try my best to let know you.