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  1. Larsky

    For Honor!

    Anyone play this regularly?
  2. Larsky

    2070 Super 1440p?

    Thank you all for the replies! I forgot to mention I am indeed running a 3700x. I've been playing a lot of For Honor lately and from the benches I've seen,1440p seems great!
  3. Larsky

    2070 Super 1440p?

    I agree. Just really want a smooth gaming experience. I really enjoyed playing on my friends 27" 144hz monitor with his 2070 but I think I want a slight res bump while keeping the same really smooth experience
  4. Larsky

    2070 Super 1440p?

    hmm.. maybe ill wait to see how the 2080 super is before i buy my gpu and monitor then
  5. Larsky

    2070 Super 1440p?

    So you think I would be able to stay above 100 fps?
  6. Larsky

    2070 Super 1440p?

    I like to keep above 100fps in my games. Preferable over 140. Would the 2070 Super be able to do that at medium settings for most games? I only ever see people bench at ultra
  7. Larsky

    PBO fine on 3700x

    Thank you. This has been killing me trying to get an answer all day. Finally brought me to the forun though.
  8. Just ordered my 3700x is it gonna be an issue if I just turn PBO on anr let it be or should I worry about the voltages? Running a b450 Gaming Plus and an H100i