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  1. Heckza

    I'm Looking for Keyboard Recommendations

    That's why I'm mostly looking at membrane but I'm not close for mechanical if a good one is suggested. Thanks for your suggestions though!
  2. Heckza

    I'm Looking for Keyboard Recommendations

    Yeah you're right. I already looked at a review of it but it was not the Strafe Edition or the K70 with red switches so I passed when I eared the sound and the key height. But yes, looks close to what i'm looking I keep that one on the list for sure. Thank you for the suggestion!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm in a desperate search for a good Keyboard, cause mine is starting to have keys that stop working from time to time. Actually I have a Razer Lycosa. It's been my 6 or 5th year with it, best keyboard I ever had. I don't care about Mechanical keyboards, I'm a casual gamer. If it was not because some keys start to fail, I would keep that one. Reordering the same one is almost impossible cause hard to find at an affordable price if available somewhere. I tried the Razer Hunstman (Mecha-Membrane), I unplugged it after 1h, the noise annoys me like hell! It's way too high with no wrist rest which make me press the Left CTRL, WIN and ALT Button all the time cause I'm used to having my hands rest on something and the keyboard is higher. I have looked at all the big brands and nonce seams to have what I need. I'm not only looking for their actual lineups, It can be a keyboard from 5 years ago, I don't mind! You can take the Lycosa as the best example of what I'm looking for. Here's what I would like : - Price : Maximum $150 CAD. - Can be Amazon Used since i can return it. - Available on Amazon.ca (I'm prime), easier return if I don't like it. - Low Profile Keys (but not chiclets like Red Dragon Karura) - I hate, hate, hate, clicky keyboards, so Membrane is fine, can be mechanical but with Silent Switches (Red Switch I think, not sure). - Wrist Rest would be nice - Must be a rectangle Enter Button (once again - not like the Red Dragon Karura) - No need for Macro Keys - RGB (but if only one LED color, must be blue) - Black or Dark Gray, not light colors - Absolutely Needs one or more USB port on it. - Audio Volume control would be appreciate. - I Need the Number Pad - Wired (braided preferred) I hope you guys can help me...!